Win Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' Immersion Box Set

Morning, you crazy diamonds. Today we’re giving away Pink Floyd’s just-released Wish You Were Here Immersion box set as well as A Foot In The Door: The Best Of Pink Floyd. You need be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook and comment with your favorite Wish You Were Here song via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). US entrants only. The sweeps ends 11/22 at 12 PM EST.

The entire remastered Pink Floyd catalog is available at iTunes.

Comments (184)
  1. Have a Cigar, of course.

  2. welcome to the machine.

  3. Have a Cigar, here also…

  4. I’ll have to go with “Welcome To The Machine”

  5. Welcome to the machine !!

  6. Wish You Were Here

  7. Wish You Were Here as an album changed me life. It showed me the true potential of music, and how it is an art form. With that said, the title track is my favorite song period

  8. Welcome to the Machine

  9. Wish you were here

  10. : without sounding cliche…it’s the title track for me. can knock me to my knees anytime.

  11. welcome to the machine!@!@

  12. Shine on You Crazy Diamond

  13. Have A Cigar!!

  14. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (I)

  15. Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

  16. “Welcome To The Macine.”

  17. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is their finest moment.

  18. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I) (a.k.a. Parts I-V)

  19. shine on you crazy diamond

  20. Wish you were here

  21. my favorite is shine on you crazy diamond VI-IX, as it plays out the album… :)

  22. Welcome to the machine, oh yeah, mm mmm, good.

  23. Have a cigar.

  24. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)

  25. welcome to the machine_

  26. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)

  27. WIsh You Were Here

  28. Welcome to the Machine

  29. hard to pick, but Wish You Were Here

  30. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Side 1)
    The opening 7 minutes have one of the best guitar solos of all time, plus the exceptionally personal lyrics really give a good balance to the title track.

    Great album through and through.

  31. Shiiiiiine Onnn Youuuu Craaaaaazy Diamonnnnnnd!!!!

  32. The title track for sure.

  33. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts I-V.

  34. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (6-9)…the Richard Wright coda on that song is right up there with Great Gig In The Sky and Us & Them as Rick’s (and Floyd’s) best. He is missed.

  35. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)

    Play it along with the first 13 minutes of Disney’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for maximum effect

  36. Wish You Were Here

  37. Wish You Were Here.

  38. Have a Cigar, just a great tune, great lyrics and beautiful solo…

  39. shine on you crazy diamond

  40. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

  41. Wish You Were Here

  42. Wish You Were Here, that album, like all of Floyd’s, is meant to be listened to as a whole though

  43. Wish You Were Here

  44. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

  45. Shine On You Crazy Diamond!!!

  46. Shine on is the best. One of the greatest album openers ever.

  47. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, though I second what other people are saying about this being a complete listening piece in itself, like a symphony.

  48. Welcome to the MACHINE!

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