Win Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' Immersion Box Set

Morning, you crazy diamonds. Today we’re giving away Pink Floyd’s just-released Wish You Were Here Immersion box set as well as A Foot In The Door: The Best Of Pink Floyd. You need be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook and comment with your favorite Wish You Were Here song via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). US entrants only. The sweeps ends 11/22 at 12 PM EST.

The entire remastered Pink Floyd catalog is available at iTunes.

Comments (184)
  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1 AND 2

  2. welcome to the machine

  3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)

  4. Welcome to the Machine

  5. “Wish You Were Here,” featuring the violinist. From the iTunes release.

  6. wish you were here.

  7. “Welcome To The Machine”

  8. Shine on you crazy diamond!!

  9. welcome to the machine.

  10. “Welcome to the Machine”, definitely one of the band’s absolute best.

  11. wish you were here

  12. Welcome to the Machine

  13. Welcome to the Machine

  14. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is, by far, the band’s best work.

  15. Wish You Were Here.

  16. Shine on you Crazy Diamond

  17. have a cigar….

  18. Have a cigar

  19. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)

  20. Have a Cigar

  21. Wish You were here

  22. Welcome to the Machine

  23. welcome to the machine is definitely my favorite on this album, one of my all time favorites

  24. Wish You Were Here. One of my favorite songs of all time.

  25. wish you were here

  26. Wish You Were Here – You just can’t beat it

  27. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)

  28. Can I count all of “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond?”

  29. Welcome to the Machine

  30. Wish You Were Here.

  31. Wish You Were Here

  32. Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

    Pink Floyd has always defined for me the idea of making your guitar weep…

  33. i love welcome to the machine.

  34. Wish You Were Here

  35. Welcome to the Machine

  36. Wish You were Here.

  37. I’ll go with Wish you Were Here. How do you tell people if they win?

  38. Shine on You Crazy Diamond is amazing, but I’ve got to hand it to the title track, Wish You Were Here for the best song on the album.

  39. Wish You Were Here

  40. Shine On (Part VII)

  41. Welcome to the Machine

  42. WELCOME TO THE MACHINE! I love this album so much!

  43. welcome to the machine!

  44. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part II

  45. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part I

  46. “Wish You Were Here”

  47. welcome to the machine

  48. Have a Cigar

  49. Shine on you crazy diamond (part I)

  50. ‘shine on’ is blissed-out perfection.

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