St. Vincent Covers The Pop Group On 'Fallon'

St. Vincent took the Pop Group’s “She Is Beyond Good And Evil,” a number she’s been playing out for a little while, to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, which is probably the closest the Pop Group will ever get to network television. They’ll take it! Ferocious performance. Check out the cover after the jump.

Strange Mercey is out now on 4AD.

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  1. The played on Letterman earlier this year. They are veteran’s to Network Television.

    and at least on other time in 2009.

    The were also on Kimmel.

    Just sayin’. Ha. I’m not seriously trying to be a prick, just sharing some stuff that was perhaps overlooked. THanks for posting though. St. Vincent is good.

  2. She is such a badass.

  3. My mom texted me at 3AM to say that she enjoyed this performance. CONGRATS ANNIE YOU MAKING IT.

  4. I’m going to tell myself her performing this on TV is a good sign that the next St. Vincent/Annie Clark project is going to involve a bunch of ferocious post-punk guitar songs with her singing like a woman possessed a la PJ Harvey or Alison Mossheart… because I’ve been convinced this needs to happen since seeing her play this live a few days ago. Seriously, at one point she was snapping the mike stand with the neck of her guitar to get noise out of it. It was awwwesome.

  5. She’s been particularly animated lately. It kind of scares me. I’m worried about you, Annie. Is everything okay at home?

  6. This video isn’t working for me. It doesn’t even show up, no matter which site I go to. :-(

  7. good god! not really my style of music but i can watch annie clark play anything. she has such dynamic energy.

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