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The Canadian guitar army Broken Social Scene are either breaking up or taking one of their customary long sabbaticals. Last night, they played their final planned show at the Rio De Janeiro venue Circo Voador. At that show, they played a few covers (Modest Mouse, Beastie Boys, U2, Rage Against The Machine) and ran through many of their own biggest jams. Below, check out a video of them playing “7/4 Shoreline” in front of a massively excited Brazilian crowd. The video’s a bit muddy, and it cuts off early, but it’s thrilling anyway.

Check here for the show’s setlist.

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  1. It’s weird how a few popular indie rock bands headed down to Latin America of all places this weekend to play what may be their final shows. Let’s not forget that Sonic Youth also could be doing the same after they’re finished their run through the area. By the looks of this YouTube clip that despite Thurston and Kim’s split, they’re either enjoying their last moments as a band or won’t be breaking up the band:

  2. i was there and it was FUCKING AMAZING.
    hopefully we’ll get a bootleg soon.

    the setlist posted at is lacking ‘all to all’. here’s my copy

  3. also, Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick played guitar on a couple of songs

  4. I am in denial that they’re going to go on hiatus. As a Torontotian I’ve been lucky and have basically been able to see a live BSS show at least twice a year. Here’s hoping for hometown reunions at their side project shows?

  5. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2011 -5

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    • Dude. I straight up LOVED Spirit If. You’re kidding right?

    • Sure, Brendan Canning’s album was not the greatest, but Churches Under The Stairs could have been right off s/t. If you don’t like spirit if, you haven’t really listened to it, it’s one of those albums you can rely on to fill in a playlist, and some of his best work. Forgiveness Rock Record has some misses ( Art House Director ), but if you can’t appreciate Sweetest Kill you have no heart. As for the drama, ignore it and enjoy the music. It’s like Bon Iver, I have no respect for his increasingly public opinions and hypocrisy, but he still makes some good music.

    • Spirit If may not have been consistantly solid but it has a handful of amazing tunes. BC’s record had a few gems, too. They’re the kind of band that no matter how much time goes by, they can still come out of the woodwork with awesome work.

  6. The guitarist on the far right just doesn’t get it at all. Ever since he has been around the band have a bit crap. Kevin Drews solo album was the last time the band truly hit the nail on the head.

  7. Hey, I shot this with my phone while working, actually producing the gig through Queremos ( There will be a proper video, with an interview, by the end of the day, posted at

  8. Here’s the full interview with Kevin Drew, right before the concert, where he talks a lot about the end of the band and why play the last gig in Rio and not Toronto:

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