Lou Reed and Metallica on Jools Holland

On the latest episode of Jools Holland, the legendary bad-idea tandem of Lou Reed and Metallica came through, and the styles clash at the heart of their ill-advised collaboration only deepens when you actually see all these guys onstage together. For one thing, Reeds motionless-mummy performance style couldn’t be a weirder match for Metallica’s stadium-rocking gargoyle faces. For another, Reed seems to be standing as far away from the Metallica dudes as possible onstage. It’s all pretty weird. Together, they played the Lulu single “Iced Honey” — the one that’s going to have the Darren Aronofsky video — and a ridiculous muddy-thunder rendition of the Velvet Underground classic “White Light/White Heat.” It’s not pretty, but you can watch it below.

Lulu is out now on Warner Bros./Vertigo, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

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  1. My freakin’ ears!

  2. That whitelight/whiteheat one was pretty bad, but dammit- I LIKE this new Lou album!

  3. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2011 +1


  4. That’s a pretty convincing green screen job. It actually looks like Lou Reed is playing music with Metallica.

  5. I blame the creators of Guitar Hero: Metallica for all of this. And Lou Reed’s grandchildren for letting him take the mic.
    Does Lou Reed have grandchildren?

  6. I didn’t give the album much of a listen as the tracks progressively sounded more metallic…but I must say “Iced Honey” seems not bad live. Surprisingly they fucked up the seemingly difficult to screw up “White Light/White Heat”. I don’t understand why Hetfield has unnecessary backup vocals on the album, but yet doesn’t do the classic backup vocals on wl/wh. It was his time to shine! Take out his backup vocals on the album and the songs start to sound a lot better.

  7. We discuss this “collaboration” to obsessive degree in our latest Own It or Disown It: Lulu.

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