Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has songs! Who knew? In the past week, we’ve already posted live videos of her playing the new tracks “Off To The Races” and “Born 2 Die.” And now LDR has taken to her Facebook page to post her performance of slow-building new joint “Without You” at a Manchester show earlier this week. Watch it below.

UPDATE: Also below, check out LDR performing “Blue Jeans” on the French news/talk show Le Grand Journal. It starts around the 7:30 mark.

(via Pitchfork)

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I continue to believe that all these new songs are pretty good.

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  1. Think this is my favourite of the new tracks – though Radio and Born 2 Die are pretty great as well.

  2. “Been There” ~Iggy Pop
    “Done That” ~David Bowie

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    • haters gonna hate.

      • Not even hating, I think shes kinda cute and I listened to a song and thought it was ok, but theres definitely a PR agenda with her just blowing up on here and everywhere else. I’m curious what they payout.

        • Maybe, but I don’t think it’s unprecedented for an artist to blow up over a track or two. Jai Paul comes to mind. Unless they have the same “PR agenda”… it’s all planned… deja vu… glitch in the matrix.


          • Oh yeah? Never heard of Jai Paul. Probably because they’re not a hot chick being pushed in everybodys face by interscope.

          • or maybe because you are biased toward information relevant to hot chicks? I would argue that the amount of backlash her image has caused has resulted in increased coverage, rather than interscope pointing a gun to stereogum’s head telling them to increase coverage – “DO IT. POST THE CLIP. THE LIPS ARE REAL DAMMIT.” – Interscope.

          • “I just saw that black cat twice” – a glitch in the matrix

  4. I know she’s fake and as a struggling musician it should appall and sadden me to see her reach success, but I still love her. Can’t pin down why.

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  6. all of you would bang her

    all of you

  7. WOW. Get over yourselves. I’m a 45 year old self admitted aging ass music hipster. I’ve bought and indulged in all things “cool” and “fresh” for the past 20+ years. These songs are amazing. I’m sick of reading the BS about this artist. Listen to the songs and shut up.

    • The songs suck bro. Thats what is pissing everyone off so much. If these songs sounded like say…1,2,3,4 or Lived in Bars. People would probably still make fun of her lips, but there would be no question as to whether the songs were great, because those songs are undeniably great. You either have bad taste or are really horny, and her lips and tits have clogged your ears.

  8. Who gives a shit who writes her songs? And why is it always white guys asking this question about women musicians?
    And for the record, she writes her songs, as she’s stated repeatedly.

  9. One of the guys who wrote blue jeans with her worked on Kanye’s last album.

  10. She’s just the indie-hype equivalent of:

    2001 – The Strokes (RCA)
    2002 – Interpol (Matador, TRULY independent, until they jumped ship and went to Capitol)
    2003 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Interscope)
    2004 – Arcade Fire (Merge, TRULY independent)
    2005 – Wolf Parade (Subpop, 49% owned by Warner Music)
    2006 – TVOTR (Interscope)
    2007 – Feist (Interscope)
    2008 – Vampire Weekend (Subpop, 49% owned by Warner Music)
    2009 – Animal Collective (Domino, TRULY independent)
    2010 – Sleigh Bells (picked up by Interscope if I’m not mistaken)

    Now, she’s not as good as any of those bands/artists, but who fucking cares what label anyone’s on. Shit, the Strokes hadn’t even played a show before they were picked up by RCA.

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