Cee-Lo Green - "Anyway" (Co-written by Rivers Cuomo)

When Cee-Lo puts out a single, he gets maximum bang for his buck; though “Fuck You” first appeared on YouTube thanks to this “lyric video,” he eventually got around to making an official clip. So, for his new single, one might guess he’s going with the same formula. Cee-Lo’s latest lyric video for “Anyway,” a song co-written by electronic outfit Wallpaper and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, is after the jump.

Cee-Lo was recently the subject of an SNL parody last weekend, which seemed oddly-timed, but whatever. Here’s that:

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  1. i knew there had to be some reason you guys gave a shit about cee lo again

  2. Horrible. So sappy and simple, Cuomo definitely had his hand in this. Garbage pop..

    Grow up, Rivers.

  3. rivers should stick to wishing he was good at soccer.

  4. eh this one is really disappointing. Sounds too much like things I dislike

  5. “I wrote a song called F*** You! / it was all about you / but you still love me anyway”

  6. Maybe if he lengthened his other leg he would make a good track again instead of this Heart Songs BULLLLLLLSHIT.
    Sorry Ace.

  7. I honestly like the lyrical content, its super easy to follow. Just simple mindless pop, isn’t that what Weezer has been doing since the 90′s with alt rock?

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