Watch Beyonce & The Roots "Countdown" On Fallon

A couple months ago, Beyoncé took to Fallon to perform a live version of song of the year/video of the year candidate “Countdown” with Fallon’s houseband, the Roots. Though recorded in July, it didn’t air until recently; check out the video after the jump, which also includes some awkward Chris Martin clapping at the end.

And here’s a video from that same episode, where Jimmy Fallon sings the theme from Reading Rainbow as Jim Morrison, for some reason. Timely!

4 is out now on Sony. Beyoncé has at least two other horses in the video of the year race, so perhaps it’s time to revisit “Love On Top” and “Party.”

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  1. yeah but i hate that actual “countdown” in the song and that keyboard chick.

  2. london speed it up HOUSTON ROCK IT. soooooo fresh

  3. I’m a grown ass man and even I know this song rules.

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