New Air – “Sing Sang Sung”

Amrit Singh | September 2, 2009 - 1:43 pm

Yes, the title of Air’s new song’s “Sing Sang Sung.” Song. And it’s nice! Whatever joy “Do The Joy” lacked comes through many times over in Air’s infectious Love 2 single. The French duo want you to sing them a song, give them a wink, forget your worries and be as chilled out as they’ve made a career being. The mix of sunset synths and gentle guitars sound like Cornelius at his most carefree, and would make a perfect cruising-on-a-summer’s-day video if they hadn’t already planned on one featuring a performance by their animated likenesses. (Yes, Air can be animated.) Have a listen and check out a still of Godin and Dunckel in cartoon form:

Here’s a static glimpse at the vid:

Love 2 is out 10/6 via Astralwerks.

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