Deadmau5 Covers Radiohead

Not to be outdone, house music producer Deadmau5 comes up with a cover of Radiohead’s “Codex.” It’s suprisingly subtle! Stream the track after the jump.

Your move, Kaskade.

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  1. douchemau5 sucks, and that track is boring and pointless.

  2. is it a cover or a remix though? That is the question

  3. Cover, deadmau5 stated that he did not use any samples on this track.

  4. hey guys i have an idea, lets take an already okay song from a respected band, take the vocals which are the centerpiece of the song out, replace natural horn and violin background with shitty low quality synth sounds.

    OH M GEE GUYSS deadmau5 is an artist

    • couldn’t have said it better myself.. not just the vocals but the actual lyrics are what makes the song so enchanting.

    • Hey man, it’s one thing if you prefer acoustic instruments over electronic ones, or dislike synths in general. Completely understandable. But as an embarrassingly hardcore synthesizer enthusiast, I have to take umbrage with the phrase “shitty low quality synth sounds”. I’m not really a fan of Deadmau5, or even this cover (it actually is fairly boring), but seriously, those are really some gorgeous, high quality synth sounds.

      • I totally agree. This might be the first time I’ve felt severely out-of-pocket for just vaguely enjoying something. So many people epically hating on this

  5. OK. Live Reaction Comment:

    This is my first time willingly listening to any deadmau5. This is “Codex” though, which is my favorite track from The King of Limbs.

    I think in this song’s case we need to instead marvel at the beauty of “Codex”. Hats off to deadmau5 for simply rejoicing and celebrating in that song’s perfection.

    OK… halfway through and I’m starting to wonder why Radiohead just didn’t reveal an instrumental version of this song? Maybe instead of “remixing” or “covering” it should say “Deadmau5 instrumental version of Codex” — that seems to be what this is, basically.

    Now I just wanna hear normal “Codex” — Thom’s coo’s really make that song. OK it’s over.

    Well, “Codex” is an amazing song that is proof that The King of Limbs isn’t terrible.

    I think that was an excusable deadmau5 treat. Now back to never listening to his music.



  6. This is boring. I’m bored now.

  7. piss off Deadrat.

  8. This is very, very random.

  9. Sounds too similar to the original. Pointless!

  10. This Codex polyphonic ringtone is fuckin’ sweet!

  11. I’m amazed at the number of people who think just because it’s a DJ, it has to be a remix instead of a cover.

    Its a cover guys…it’s supposed to sound like the original in the covering artist’s own way (like here, using synths instead of live instruments). Given he didn’t sample the original track, and Joel’s voice is nowhere near as epic as Thom’s, there are no lyrics…

  12. Why do you people hate so much? It baffles me how some of you literally can’t enjoy anything.

  13. deadmau5 seems to be upset about not being on tkol remix album

  14. Okay. Think about how much you don’t like this cover. Now think about how much more you wouldn’t like it if it were a legit dubstep cover. With this, I’m not impressed or offended. I think I’ll survive.

  15. Apparently pretentious electronic fans don’t understand/enjoy subtlety.

    This is a great piece of music, it would probably sound far worse if it fit the absurd standards of the typical commentators.

  16. I see why he is called deadmau5. I feel like I am small and dead while I hear this song…

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