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Salem’s got a new EP called I’m Still In The Night out next week — that’s album art pictured above — and today they posted a cover of Alice Deejay’s famous trance jam “Better Off Alone.” Check out song’s video, a found footage mashup of paparazzi hounding supermodel Gisele Bündchen, down below. Not sure how Tom Brady feels about this, but I sure do like the image of him sitting alone at a desktop and watching it and getting so into it that he starts spelling his name †∆m Br4dy or something.

I’m Still In The Night, is out 11/22 via IAMSOUND.

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  1. this actually kind of rawks


  3. Between “Do U Like Night Bus?” and screwed Weeknd it’s about time we got some new SALEM to round out 2011.

    Gotta go listen to the original “Better Off Alone” to fully appreciate this hell hound of a rework.

    • tell me more of this “night bus,” thou speaketh of

      • Gladly Taylor, it changed my life.

        Last year CFCF released FREE mixtape entitled “Do U Like Night Bus?” It’s a 47-minute mix featuring tracks by Aaliyah, The-Dream, Bun B and many more. The entire tempo of the mix is 60 BPM, so it’s slowed down to syrup speed.

        I’M PRETTY SURE Stereogum isn’t fans of linking to to other music sites, but if you google CFCF Do U Like Night Bus you should find a faded site with a FREE download link still available.

        It’s a CRYING shame more people have not heard this. Taylor, I challenge you to seek this out and listen to it. I’m not kidding when I tell you it changed my life. It’s beautiful and samples Manhunter (1986) at the beginning and end. Plus the cover photo is from Manhunter. It’s just a huge world that I HIGHLY recommend entering.

        OMG OMG OMG! Upon writing this and researching facts to give you accurate info… CFCF has released NIGHT BUS 2 !!! Was released earlier this month! HEAR BOTH OMG I’M OUT LATER!

        • ohmygawd.

          He Night Buses Fever Ray’s “Keep The Streets Empty For Me”

          There are tears in my eyes.

          Get Night Bus 2 when you done with 1.

          • Thank you raptor jesus, the fader link didn’t work but i found it elsewhere.

          • Be sure to tell me what you think when you’re done. Glad you got a hold of it. Be sure to hunt down Night Bus 2 !!

            The A$AP / OPN “Demons” mix is reallly good!

          • sorry to butt in, but Raptor Jesus I downloaded this too and am loving it. i know it’s a little messed up with the whole hermaphrodite rumor, but with the slowed down vox i totally thought ciara was r.kelly haha.

            but awesome suggestion!

          • That’s so great to hear LWD!

            I feel it was severely overlooked or missed, but better late than never. Especially since Night Bus II just dropped.

            And LOL about Ciara as R. Kelly! Regardless that Ciara Night Bus edit is THE MAD NOTE!

            Just so happy more great music fans are discovering these AMAZING mixes. It’s why I listen to House of Balloons screwed. I think Abel & The-Dream have cramazing Screwed voices.

          • Hellllllll yeah! Thanks again!

  4. want.

  5. So, when is this version being added to DDR?

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