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If you book Courtney Love to appear at your festival, you have to know that there’s a pretty good chance something weird will happen. But Love’s latest onstage bugout is one of her more fascinating, since it raises some big, weird questions. Over the weekend, her reconstituted Hole played at Brazil’s SWU Festival, and she stopped her set midway through when somebody in the crowd held up a photo of Kurt Cobain. Before leaving the stage, she broadly implied that Cobain had fired Dave Grohl from Nirvana, and she returned after a hilariously waifish backing-band dude got the crowd to yell, “The Foo Fighters are gay.” Returning, she said something about how Grohl “takes money off my kid’s table.” Whuh?

Watch the whole drama unfold below.

(via Prefix)

In happier news, have you listened to Hole’s Celebrity Skin lately? So underrated!

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  1. CraveOnline wrote this up on Monday and much to the writers surprise Courtney commented multiple times on the post in terrible Blackberry-speak:

    It’s all quite the amusing trainwreck, really.

  2. breaking news: attention whore is attention whoring
    follow up story: foo fighters admit to taking showers together, but deny being gay

  3. Poor Brazil — They just never learn! If it’s not Amy Winehouse doing her 10th drugged-out “comeback” on stage, then it’s Axl Rose dressed as Carmen Sandiego trying to do his best vintage Axl Rose impression. If it’s not that, it’s Courtney Love being the general mess that she always is.

  4. My favorite part is the line about Dave taking money from Frances. I mean no waaay should a band member be receiving royalties. After all, the millions that Courtney already gets from record sales and the video games and TV shows she allowed to use NIRVANA songs is still not enough to support her drug habit and Frances.

    • What if, we’ve all misjudged her, and Dave Grohl LITERALLY takes money off her table. That is pretty rude! I listen to a lot of right-wing talk radio, and apparently that’s the sort of things these homosexuals do when they’re not marrying horses, or injecting kids with drugs that turn them gay. I believe the umbrella term for this behaviour is “malicious gay faggotry”

      • “Hey no stop your using it wrong”
        -Andy Casablancas

        • I believe Andy Casablancas was an angel sent from heaven to show us the way forward, but that’s just my personal opinion. I think if we really study the text he left for us, we would really have a proper understanding of why we are put on this earth. I am open to any dissenting voices that may disagree with me, BUT if anybody were to take Andy Casabanca’s name in vain, or draw an image representing AC (blessed be his name) I would not hesitate to declare HOLY WAR upon them.

  5. One of the first things I think of when I read the term ‘reconstituted hole’ is Courtney Love.

  6. Update!: Another video explanation from C. Love about her rant!:

    What it simply boils down to is that Dave knows that she knows that he knows that she knows that he fucking knows that she knows.

    • What I know is that Courtney Love should watch the videos of Foo Fighters live at MSG last week that are all over YouTube right now. She should watch them, marvel at what a real rock show looks and sounds like and shut her damn “hole”.

  7. didn’t she claim ryan adams took money off of her “kids table” a few years back?

    Also her “Kid” emancipated herself because her mother is a druggie nut bag

  8. I just don’t understand why people would go to a Hole concert. I just don’t get it. Its crap, it always was

  9. I’m too distracted by the fact that it looks like she got a boob job after choosing her outfit for the day.

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  11. Celebrity Skin is totally underrated. “Boys on the Radio” is an incredible song.

  12. “I’m Miss World. Somebody kill me.”

  13. Talentless junky.

  14. I was chanting The Foo Fighters are gay before it was cool

  15. seriously why does anyone give a shit about this lady anymore?

  16. Did the Brazilians know they were asking Hole to come back on stage? I think they were confused. Have they heard Celebrity Skin? MEGGAA ::((((

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