Feist - "How Come You Never Go There" Video

Feist gets heavy in a forest in the new video for “How Come You Never Go There.” Oh, and that hair! Check it out down below.

Metals is out now on Cherrytree/Interscope.

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  1. Also: Did YouTube just switch formats in the last 30 seconds? This has a far-reaching impact in my life.

  2. i can’t tell if thats supposed to be hair or a cape. i really don’t understand why feist why the hair? you are so pretty when you don’t look like the thing from the munsters

  3. This song is about having a boyfriend that doesn’t go down on her. As opposed to Brandy Alexander…where he “goes down easy”.

    • I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. I do actually agree with you, but we could both be wrong!

      Back to the video: Is she supposed to be a tormented kind of Mother Nature? I don’t understand the concept of the video, but it’s cool.

  4. love it. i’m a little confused about the hair though… she kind of reminds me of a witch. but still, leslie manages to create something beautiful out of weird shit.

  5. Feist’s videos are always awesome, and this album is amazing

  6. and I quote “sorry, this video isn’t available in your region”. At least they are polite about it…

  7. i only like the songs where she counts

  8. Kinda reminds me of the Ring. But @ loops for daze: Can’t tell if you’re trolling, but that’s hilarious either way.

  9. I really enjoyed Feist’s new album way better than The Reminder. My favorite track is “The Bad In Each Other” though — has a very cinematic feel to it. Check out our Feist – Metals Review.

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