Lana Del Rey - "Video Games"

Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” is, of course, the song that the internet hasn’t been able to shake this fall. And in a new video interview with the Dutch website 3VOOR12, Del Rey talks a bit about the story behind the song. In the interview, she makes it sound more straightforward than it actually is. According to Del Rey, it’s actually literally about watching her boyfriend play video games, and it’s about being content and discontent at the same time. Also, she says she wrote it during “a time when I had sort of let go all my personal career ambitions.” Hard to imagine that! Watch the interview below.


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  1. I’m sure the story is made up just like her image is, too.

  2. Axl Rose: “Yeah I wrote Welcome to the Jungle when I was traveling, and I had literally just set foot in Peru, and was taking a drive to the Amazon and my cabbie said “Welcome to the Jungle” and I was like, whoa that would make a great song, hey could you refill that bowl of candy beans?”

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  4. Amazing beautiful artist. You haters need to stfu and listen to something else.

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  6. A fascinating look into the mind of the most important artist in the history of ever. I mean, what kind of lyrical genius manages to rhyme “sundress” with “undressed”? God bless you, Lana Del Rey.

    • “I just thought it was ‘fun’ in the sun. The rest is history!” – lyrical genius

      “Well, I was thinking that maybe it was cool to be in school” – amazing writer

      “I dunno, I was thinking that dopes were the ones who were smoking dope. So I rhymed them” – Modern day Mozart

      “This Rap music? It’s Crap music.” – my dad

    • And rhyme it in a way that doesn’t sound like anything else right now. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a good rhyming couplet.

  7. …she did, however, inadvertently give my BF and I the term “bad girl’s honey”, for which we’ll forever be grateful.

  8. She writes, is well-spoken, and is BABERAHAM LINCOLN. What’s the problem here? I don’t see how you can equate her to “the stupid american girl” unless you mad.
    and you all definitely mad.

    s/o shabazz, per usuzzzzz.

  9. if she were a coastal californian town, she’d be Marina Del Babe.

  10. Have you listened to the lyrics of the songs that “make it big” these days? Compare what she sings about to some of the shit that’s out there and maybe you’ll develop a new appreciation for how insightful some of her lyrics are. Plus, she has true talent. Not one of those computerized voices that have become so acceptable.

    • so your point is…”hey, could be worse”?

      • lana del rey, compared to the shit on itunes right now, is a goddess. people need to stop lumping her in with the other trashy and ‘stupid american girls.’ and she shouldn’t even be compared to them anyway. i wouldn’t say that she is trying to fit into a certain image, but instead, striving to become more of an individual by creating this separate personality. not everyone has to like her songs but its just insightful to call her stupid american trash. she isn’t.

        • “Compared to the shit on iTunes right now”
          iTunes isn’t a radio station – its filled constantly with nearly all available music. I’m not vouching for itunes, but…that’s like saying “Compared to the garbage in the Grocery Stores, apples are great!” The grocery store also sells apples. And Cherries!

          PS cherries are superior to apples. Science fact.

  11. What is the deal with all the hate for her? I’m genuinely interested, because I don’t get it. There’s a hundred thousand artists out there with an “image”, so that makes absolutely no sense. Plus, Video Games is a damn fine song on many levels. I just don’t get what she’s done to offend anyone at this point. Is it because she’s attractive? Because, yeah, that makes TONS of sense. Weird.

    • I agree with you that Video Games is a damn fine song, and I’m definitely not a diehard Lana Del Rey hater like some of the other people here.

      The thing I dislike (but even that’s too harsh of a word) about LDR is her plastic surgery. I know it doesn’t have any impact on the quality of her songs or her voice, but I guess I have a personal disliking of people who feel the need to get plastic surgery? I dunno. It just seems like she wanted to be famous so badly that she traded away her natural beauty for a run-of-the-mill surgeryface which isn’t attractive to me and makes it hard to look at her as authentic.

      A stupid thing to think, perhaps, but it’s just my opinion! I want her to succeed in her career because she’s got promise based on what she’s done musically. :)

      • Her looks, huh? Are you jealous because she’s more beautiful than you? You’re silly.

      • What plastic surgery? Is there a list someplace of all the work she’s had done. Some horribly before and after photographs? Collagen, if she is in fact getting it in her lips, ain’t plastic surgery. It goes away in time, just like botox (or however you spell that). First of all, I’m not really a fan of plastic surgery, but that is a beautiful woman. Period. Second, you (and many other people, evidently) must hate about 60% of Hollywood (women AND men) if you’ve got a problem with cosmetic surgeries.

  12. she is BSing this story the exact same way I BS’d my dissertation defense when I was thrown a couple questions I hadn’t anticipated; half deer in headlights, half thinks she’s nailing it.

  13. Outside of this blog, I never see any mention of this chick ever. I heard her song once, it wasn’t very memorable or interesting, and that was that. Her entire career thus far seems to be blog hype built upon other blog hype. Who cares? What’s the big deal? Yeah she has big lips and is doing the throwback thing. Wow.

    • Building hype – successfully building it, anyway – is the goal. I ask again, why the hate? Why hate on somebody because they might actually be good at something and have some success? Shit, at least let her get someplace before you tear her down.

    • I’m with jigglymuff here, I just don’t understand the hype, positive or negative.

      Incidentally, I do think she fucked her face up with collagen, surgery, too much makeup, or whatever.

      I also think that all of this 60s nostalgia will be remembered as a small time gimmick.

  14. The criticism heaped upon her for explaining the mundane circumstances that led to the ‘Video Games’ song (and resulting phenomena) is total fucked up bullshit.

    Where do people get off thinking that artists should only take their inspiration from ‘approved’ ideas? That’s kind of the whole thing about the arts. Insipiration can come from anywhere. Neither she nor any other musician should have to defend the source of their songs to anyone. Least of all, music-blog trolls.

  15. I’m starting to think that Stereogum are posting every little thing that happens in Lana’s life just because the resulting comments are so fucking hilarious. I think she’s pretty talented and has a few nice songs, erm, that’s about it. I can’t see what is inspiring such hatred and indeed adoration, at this stage at least. Oh, and yes, I find her attractive, which seems to be vital to have an opinion on in this case. If young women weren’t aready confused enough about how they should look, they must be fucking mystified reading some of the above comments.

  16. What can I say about Lana Del Rey? Firstly, she makes me feel good. Her style is easy and reminds me of a day at the beach. I do think her sound is her own and that’s exactly how a singer should be, not mimicking passion or ennui. I believe she has a lot more depth and vision than apparent and i can only see improvement on her road ahead.

    This Brutally Honest Indie Music Blogger is surprised that the new music isnt worse than it is !

  17. I can’t stand the sound of her voice, at least not the over dramatic inflection she uses in “video games”.
    I can’t listen to more then two verses of that song, I’ve tried to listen to it a couple times and it’s just not happening. So I don’t hate her, I just can’t listen to her music.

  18. Paul Simon wrote “Hello darkness my old friend” because the light was broken in his john, where he recorded his vocals. That’s deep Paul, real deep

  19. All the hubub about her is so stupid. On both sides. The people who hate her because she’s gorgeous are stupid. The people who think she must be way, way deeper than she actually is because she’s so gorgeous but also *sad* and melancholy, are stupid. She’s kinda ok, highly over-hyped, not at all hate-able, and really hot. But not that great of a songwriter.

  20. Yeah, she’s fake and she sucks, but she’s no worse than King Krule, and somehow he’s ‘authentic’.

  21. reading through these comments i am reminded why I quit stereogum. too many dogs barking nonsense, not enough wagging your tail. life is too short to bitch all the time. hipsters are so tortured lol

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