Too bad this is just a sketch from MTV’s new animated program Popzilla. We’d pay to see to see unlocked Thom singing Bon Jovi … if this game didn’t cost whatever you want it to cost. Watch.

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  1. Holy shit that was awful.

  2. tommy  |   Posted on Sep 3rd, 2009 0

    agreed. awesome concept, but painful to watch in its execution.

  3. I have to wonder just what *kind* of person hates radiohead enough to make a parody like this

  4. pauly1420  |   Posted on Sep 3rd, 2009 0

    it’s cute that the demographic mtv shoots for happens to write their shows. madtv is comedy gold compared to this shit

  5. meoooooowwwwww. so terrible, it’s funny. not in a good way funny.

  6. adam  |   Posted on Sep 3rd, 2009 0

    seriously? you posted this? waste of 30 seconds.

  7. what was that a stab at? the fact that radiohead uses more than the three basic instruments found in every cookie cutter rock band in the world? bravo, popzilla. you are comedy pioneers. maybe this joke would have been close to relevant in 2001, but it still wouldn’t have been funny.

  8. Are they saying what I think they’re saying? Because if they are, what assholes.

  9. I’m sure Stereogum just so happened to “find” this great “viral video” floating around the internet and thought we’d like it. This is an obvious case of Stereogum advertising for MTV and this shit show, but lacking the balls to be forthright about it.

  10. Yeah, Radiohead is just a bunch of ear-curdling, cacophonous sounds. NICKELBACK 4-EVA!

  11. Seriously, even my parents don’t subscribe to the “Radiohead is a bunch of random computer noises” notion anymore.

  12. this is stupid as balls. good thing no one cares what anyone at MTV has to say about anything olol.

  13. Hey MTV… I think you’ve overstayed your welcome. I stopped watching you right after Cobain died and just before Hanson came along. Nobody watches you or your irrelevant VMAs show anymore. Stay off the internet and go shoot another lame “real reality-based scripted” show that nobody will watch.

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