Scott Weiland - "Winter Wonderland" Video

When Scott Weiland’s Christmas Album got announced, it was one of those things that was so easy to make fun of that you kind of had no other choice but to ignore — no matter what you could come up with, someone probably was going to do something better, funnier and/or punnier. But, what got me, especially after hearing some of the tracks, was that though you’d expect some kind of subtle shake to the notion that, “Hey, yeah, I’m Scott Weiland, I acknowledge that it’s ridiculous that I’m doing this,” there’s really nothing like that in this release. All these are are straightforward traditional holiday songs, wrapped in stock wrapping paper like the kind you get when the store wraps it for you. With that being said, check out the befuddling video for “Winter Wonderland” down below.

Justin Bieber’s Under The Mistletoe is out now on Island.

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  1. “Justin Bieber’s Under The Mistletoe is out now on Island.”


  2. Is this an outtake from Inland Empire?

  3. Demographic for this album:

    Hipster #1: “We could totally have like, a christmas party, like, you know, with a tree and everything
    Hipster #2: “YEAH and we could have like, christmas music playing and shit, just like a real christmas party, it’d be hil-A-rious
    Hipster #1 “Oh I toootally know what you mean. Like, could you imagine? Everyone would be like ‘Whoa, this is such a christmasparty, guys’ it would be sooo funny.”
    Hipster #2 “You know what would be a perrrrrfect christmas album to play for our totally hilarious christmas party?”
    Unison: “Lulu”

  4. Was anyone else waiting for the Lonely Island guys to show up?

  5. I love STP, especially the 2nd and 3rd albums, and Weiland’s first solo album was pretty good drugged out pop album. When he can pull it off, Weiland has a pretty decent frontman voice, so this Christmas album doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me at least.

  6. Drugs are bad mmm’kay.

  7. He sounds more like the guy who sang “My Second Album” at the end of STP’s Purple album…

    “for Mathis lovers, this album has his style.
    Beautiful numbers are heard on the car radio,
    after all, records are cut in the recording studio.”

  8. Jesus Scott, we all like Mad Men but you gotta settle down.

  9. That was a great audition for Regsis’ spot, have fun hangin’ with Kelly, Scott.

  10. Mark McGrath just got owned! BOO YA EXTRA!

  11. i think he was heavily influenced by Bowie’s duet with Bing Crosby and thinks he can sort of mutate that into whatever this is.

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