Will.i.am Adds Hashtag To Album Name

I’m going to be perfectly honest here, and it might make me look pathetic, but here it goes: I heard that will.i.am announced that he was adding a hashtag to his forthcoming 2012 LP, but I heard the details wrong. What I had misheard/misread was that a hashtag was his album name. So, when I stepped out for lunch, I was mentally writing this long riff about how that’s literally the stupidest idea ever, because if you wanted something to trend, a single hashtag (#) with no tag attached would render trending completely obsolete. Like, literally anything is better than a single hashtag, as far as I know (Sidenote: Could you hashtag a hasthag, like ##? Does that work? Twitter tech team to thread). Maybe an “@” sign is worse, but this concept seems dumber, in principal. The bad news is, that he was just adding a hashtag to his album’s name, so now it’s #willpower. Still mad corny but a riff-killer. I mean his name is a hyperlink-killer already, cuz of all those periods. Basic point being, I wasted ten minutes earlier today thinking about will.i.am. Tom notes “Trick Daddy’s www.thug.com to thread.” will.i.am’s single, “THE,” (art above) which is yeah, you know, comes out next week.

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  1. When you told me this story, I misheard it that will.i.am was adding a hash tag to HIS NAME. I guess once we saw the words will.i.am we stopped paying attention.

    I’ll show myself out…

  2. I’m a little disappointed that I spent a minute of my life thinking of something witty and biting to write here for a will.i.am story – not disappointed that I wasted my time, per se, but more disappointed that I literally couldn’t think of anything to write, because this story is SO stupid and will.i.am is SO terrible, that there is nothing I could write that could make this any more of a parody of itself than it already is. So in lieu of that, here’s a gif

  3. the only thing hard about will.i.am is his dick when those other 2 losers in the group suck him off for their weekly allowance and I am really sorry for writing this.

  4. T.H.E. is the new H.A.M.

    don’t get me wrong, hard as a motherfucker is pretty hard – but its not the hardest ever. will.i.am is a genius.

    • We’re gonna do a “Top Ten Hardest Ever” post ever btr, you are welcome to join in. It’s going to be a viral sensation.

  5. How is this even news on Stereogum? I don’t get it.

    • Honestly, I literally thought will.i.am added a hashtag to his name, which seemed funny enough for a post. TGIF. (It’s Friday, right?)


  6. thats an easy one “T # E, THE #as# tag liooks like a H anyway

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  8. I just saw the picture and thought there was a remake of The Fifth Element in the works with Wesley Snipes in the Gary Oldman role. Reading the story made me wish I’d been right the first time.

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