Watch Neon Indian Play "Hex Girlfriend" For No One

Today M83 unfurls a stunning cut for the … (YUCKITY YUCKITY YUCK) No, but seriously. Neon Indian played “Hex Girlfriend” for the For No One series, which will make sense when you watch the video. Scope it below.

Era Extraña is out now on Transgressive.

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  1. Hey don’t bring Yuck into this.

    It’s already hilarious/confusing enough :)

  2. “wtf stereogum why even bother to post this – this isn’t news. you’ve changed, man. this site used to be about indie music and stuff that matters and when you do post stuff you can’t even write the correct band name #epicfail man, things are different here since the one writer left and the new one joined fuck this shit I’m leaving. i’ll post this again a few more times i won’t frequent this site anymore.” – A lot of people lately, amiright?

  3. no more alan posts.. long live ghosthustler

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