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James Blake has already released one album and one EP this year, and now he’s planning to squeeze in one more EP before 2011 ends. The new three-track offering Love What Happened Here is expected to arrive in late December. Below, check out “Curbside,” an off-kilter, beat-driven track from the EP with a very early-’90s horn loop buried in it.

(via Prefix)

Love What Happened Here is expected next month from R&S.

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  1. this is ok…
    I miss the old blake…”think I found her….damn…red coat…I think i found her..”

  2. this is a great song…to torture people with. annoying shit.

  3. what is he doing? i like him being weird and what not.. but he had a really good sound that i feel like he’s moving away from on purpose :(
    he’s still great!

  4. i mean why even release this…..just terrible…this guys time is up already

  5. I actually think this is really cool.

    • Yeah, why’s everyone hating on this song? Because he’s not singing?

      There was a good interview with Radiohead (not comparing the two) where the Thom said that the British press expected something different and revolutionary from the band every time they released an album.

      Now that Blake is pretty damn massive, I think he’s felt immense pressure to make another “James Black 2″ and I applaud his going a different direction.

      Plus I think the song is tits mcgee.

  6. Is this for real? Like this is a “song” he made? What a talent.

  7. the fuck?

  8. the only good part is 0.28-0.31 so, you know, metal machine music.

  9. he’s probably like “this is fucking shit so maybe it’s visionary” and then he’s like “innit?” then tea and fucking great hairdo.

  10. I feel like his first record showcased his instincts, but this just sounds like he’s trying really hard to ignore them.

  11. its good!! keep experimenting and doing your thing james!

  12. I love most of what James Blake has put out so far, but to me this song is just incredibly obnoxious.

  13. This is pretty crappy. But it’s only one song. So 1% of his stuff isn’t any good.

    “We are the 99% (and we are awesome)” – all his other songs.

  14. A child’s interpretation of DJ Shadow’s seminal Endtroducing. Next!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think people are kinda judging a bit harsh. I can gladly say I didn’t enjoy it alot, but this isn’t something he’s been working on a long time; probably took him a day or 2. Seems to me like he’s just putting out some of his sampling stuff for the fun of it. Trust me, the man’s time is certainly NOT over. He knows this is nowhere near as good as anything on his album.

  16. It’s nothing of what I like about him.

    But maybe this goes to show how all-over-the-place he is? Like, “Love What Happened Here” (from what I remember) was good, and this sounds nothing like it. And neither of them sound like anything off of “Enough Thunder”.

    I don’t know, maybe he should just spend six months working on six song EPs for the rest of his musical career.

  17. Its crazy that a guy who makes something like that, can also make something like this: http://www.lowerfrequencies.com/2011/10/james-blake-a-case-of-you/

  18. His best sound=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_N4VF4aZiw

  19. well i liked it kunts

  20. Boo. Come on you all; would you actually pay money for this? There is so much more creative ish out there.

    I don’t even care if he sings or not I mean I’ll take the instrumental alone from “Wilhem’s Scream” over this in a second.

    Though I must admit i’d love to hear some DJ play this and watch all the James Blake apologists struggle to dance to it. LOL

    I’m still rooting for ya Blakey but this definitely belongs in the gutter.

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