It’s a few weeks into November and you know what that means. Almost time for year-end lists! Are you working on your year-end list? Will Rihanna top your year-end list? Is it a list of artists you don’t want us to cover? I’m making a list of my favorite things about Scott Weiland’s new Christmas video. I also made this list of the highest and lowest ratest lowest comments of the week. Let’s complain about it then post cat pictures.


#10  Scott | Nov 11th Score:13

But not as hard as on Videogum. :/

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#9  djfreshie | Nov 17th Score:14

Axl Rose: “Yeah I wrote Welcome to the Jungle when I was traveling, and I had literally just set foot in Peru, and was taking a drive to the Amazon and my cabbie said “Welcome to the Jungle” and I was like, whoa that would make a great song, hey could you refill that bowl of candy beans?”

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#8  godsdog | Nov 16th Score:14

What if, we’ve all misjudged her, and Dave Grohl LITERALLY takes money off her table. That is pretty rude! I listen to a lot of right-wing talk radio, and apparently that’s the sort of things these homosexuals do when they’re not marrying horses, or injecting kids with drugs that turn them gay. I believe the umbrella term for this behaviour is “malicious gay faggotry”

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#7  djfreshie | Nov 11th Score:14

Here you go

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Sanjay Devarakonda | Nov 15th Score:16

I think it’s time to give up on her as an artist. I held out as long as I could but it’s now apparent we will never witness the true Rihanna in any of her music. But that doesn’t mean she puts out a bad product. The majority of the tracks off Talk That Talk are ridiculously good pop songs. I just wish she’d stick to the dance-y numbers and just abandon ballads which are hard to swallow when you know the singer is empty inside. She needs to take a page out of Britney’s playbook and just stick to your strengths and put an album of all dance cuts like Femme Fatale, which is severely underrated. And at this point Rihanna is basically just a Bajan Britney: a sex doll with great producers and voice that, while sparse, is just perfect to write a hook around.

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#5  djfreshie | Nov 11th Score:16

I am clearly the Jack Nicklaus of Shut Up, Dudes.

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#4  Scott | Nov 11th Score:19

Can you put ANOTHER kitten on this?

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Mark Perkins | Nov 11th Score:19

Best worst comment ever.

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Taylor Adams | Nov 15th Score:22

>implying site is for hipsters
>complaining about site following too may mainstream artists.

i dont think you’re doing it right.

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#1  tom | Nov 15th Score:27

Damn, you cracked our code. 12-year-olds love reading 1200-word think-pieces about emotive rap music.

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#5  cecilparks | Nov 15th Score:-7

I’m starting to think Stereogum targets 12 to 15 year olds.
Maybe I should just avoid AotW posts in general.

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Dan Telvock | Nov 16th Score:-8

not funny

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Dylan Alexander | Nov 15th Score:-8

Stereogum is flooded with Lamestreamers and ’cool dads’, Idk why I bother to come on here.. —-*Lamestreamers and ’cool dads’ downvoted this comment*

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#2  cecilparks | Nov 15th Score:-11

Maybe I overestimate the reading capacities of 12 year olds.
Maybe I also overestimate the tastes of indie-centric bloggers.

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Dustin Turner | Nov 15th Score:-12

Deluxe Album Stream here

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Rysn Sparks | Nov 16th Score:3

i don’t know which technical school c. love attended, but it is clear that she’s completed Who Took Money Off of Your Kid’s Table 101.

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[Editor's Note: Amrit's on vacation, so no pick from him this week. He'll be back Monday! One of you is walking his dogs, right?]

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  1. cool dads is now a meme

  2. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  3. Ugh could we please stop it with the Hipster Runoff references Dylan Alexander?? We get it, you don’t like “lamestreamers” blah blah blah, but please keep those lame references for hipster runoff*.

    *Having a bad week w/ Hipster Runoff after the idiots called “Community” crappy just to look cool

  4. Having a spam post be the worst comment is like saying that commercials are your least-favorite tv shows.

  5. I started my year-end lists this week. Looking back at the standards I set last year, it kind of made me regret setting the list at 25 for both songs and albums, because now I have 50 paragraphs to write between whenever and as soon as possible, which isn’t as easy these days seeing as though I had way much more time on my hands last year than these days.

  6. Commercial Appeal submission – Bon Iver selling Bushmills on S’gum’s homepage.

  7. I guess I managed to get an assist in there this week. making progress.

  8. You may as well just let DJ Freshie write for Stereogum.

  9. Cannot wait for Stereogum’s end of year list for best and worst comments, aka ‘The Celebration of the Genius of djfreshie’

  10. getting the Ed. nod feels just like winning one of the stereogum/facebook giveaways…or at least how i imagine that would feel.

  11. Where you at donnytilla ? I demand to what your take is on what has transpired.

  12. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I’m working my ass off with this shit. I’m the hardest working idiot in this place and what do you people give me? 2 bags of dog shit with a side of cat spray. I feel like a mother right now, with a bunch of little bastard teenagers splooging all over the place cracking blankets in half (s/o bridesmaids) and I’m fucking tired of this shit.
    I’m tired.
    Remember the family ties episode where the mom took a break and it all went to shit. I might do that shit. No one cares? I don’t give 2 flying fucks.
    you’ve all changed and I’m tired.


  13. Oh yeah BTW: We’re still having a great comment conversation in the SALEM thread this week. Talking about CFCF’s Night Bus.

    Anyway we can get a thread about CFCF Night Bus next week??

  14. I like this website. I like these comments. Hey, it’s the weekend! I like the weekend.

    Cheers, everyone!

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