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A few days after the NYPD evicted the Occupy Wall Street camp from Zuccotti Park, and a couple of days after this scandalous bullshit went down at UC Davis, Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles has organized a last-minute benefit show that goes down tonight at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. The show will feature Titus, Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, and the So So Glos, and it will serve as a benefit for the National Lawyers Guild, an organization currently fighting for protesters’ rights.

And because this is Patrick Stickles we’re talking about, the show is also an occasion for one of his great wordly online benders. In the same blog post where he announces the show, Stickles also explains why they’re doing it at a small DIY venue, rails passionately about his dad’s history as a lawyer, and calls the Zuccotti Park raid “the most devastating blow to the cause of freedom and liberty in New York City since September 11.” You’re obviously going to want to read this, and it’s up here, as are all the details about ticket acquisition.

[Photo by Ryan Muir @ Stereogum/Popgun CMJ Showcase]

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  1. Serious question: Can someone explain to me what OWS’ purpose is now? I know originally it was for financial reform, but lately, all I see are people testing the limits of free speech and their right to protest because the constitution says they can. I don’t wish harm on any of them in the form of police brutality, but there comes a point (like, I dunno… say two months?) where you have to pat yourself on the back for starting a nationwide protest, making your voice heard and then take the next step to bringing the change you want. Standing in the streets fighting with the cops doesn’t do much for financial reform or the OWS image. Running for office and working for the changes you’d like to see or at the very least voting for someone who won’t cave to corporate pressure does.

    Stickles / Leo 2012?

    • Whoever down-voted my comment and has now decided to go ahead and down-vote every comment I’ve written before this out of a spite, here’s a good read I stumbled upon that addresses the same concerns as I do : http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/21/idUS417724801820111121

      I would love to hear what your take on the current state of OWS is as well, and what benefits you think it’s served since it’s started besides voicing a general displeasure with those in power and handling our money.

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