Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

Last month, Leonard Cohen mentioned that he had a new album called Old Ideas, his first studio LP in seven years, coming early next year. And now we know he wasn’t kidding. Old Ideas drops in January, and the new song “Show Me The Place,” which is absolutely gorgeous, is streaming below. It finds Cohen’s voice in a rumbling sing-speak baritone that recalls Tom Waits at his most restrained, and it features a hushed choir and a funereal violin. It makes me want to hear Old Ideas very, very badly. Listen to the song and check out the tracklist after the jump.

01 “Going Home”
02 “Amen”
03 “Show Me The Place”
04 “The Darkness”
05 “Anyhow”
06 “Crazy To Love You”
07 “Come Healing”
08 “Banjo”
09 “Lullaby”
10 “Different Sides”
(via Pitchfork)

Old Ideas is out 1/31 on Columbia.

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  1. At his age, his froggy voice has a warm comfort to it that’s similar to hearing an old timer belt out a song in some vintage children’s Christmas animated special. The tune reminds me of a slow Hold Steady track. I like the fuzzy feeling I get when hearing this.

  2. Lovely stuff!

  3. Januar, exam-period, studying, listening to the new Leonard Cohen album. yay

  4. It certainly does not play out here in India. I wish you would specify that in your promotions.

  5. It sounds like he’s trying to recapture some of the religious imagery and ethereal balladry of “Hallelujah.” That’s a very good thing. This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve heard this year.

  6. The choir heard on Leonard Cohen’s “Show Me The Place” was written and performed by Jennifer Warnes.

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