Noel Gallagher on Jools

We already posted Björk’s appearance on the most recent episode of Later With Jools Holland. And the show also featured another veteran of ’90s stardom: Noel Gallagher, who took a break from bitching about Liam to barrel through his High Flying Birds single “AKA… What A Life!” Shout out to Gallagher’s drummer, who dresses like one of the droogs from A Clockwork Orange and looks exactly like Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. Watch it below.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is out now on Sour Mash.

Comments (4)
  1. Noel Gallagher has to be the greatest lyricist of all time.

  2. He has the ability to spout a bunch of nonsense nursery rhyme level lyrics, but throw something absolutely brilliant in there in its own way. Ex. “I’m gonna take that tiger outside for a ride.”

  3. oi, dat drumma look like he’a got lost on a quest fer the ol’ ultraviolence, innit?

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