The Promise Ring

Other than a one-off 2005 show, emo originators the Promise Ring haven’t played any shows since breaking up in 2002. That changes next year, when the band gets together to play a pair of reunion shows: 2/24 and Milwaukee’s Turner Hall and 2/25 at Chicago’s Metro. As Punknews reports, there may be more shows on the way, and the band also plans to release a collection of rarities next summer on Dangerbird. It’ll include outtakes and demos from the sessions that produced Wood/Water, the band’s largely unloved final album. So maybe they’re picking up where they left off?

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  1. they all look pretty happies to be emo

  2. Would have preferred American Football, thb.

    Still cool.

  3. shit yeah! especially if they bring a little Maritime back into The Promise Ring.

  4. I’m all for indie-emo nostalgia of this sorts. Sunny Day Real Estate still needs to put out that album they supposedly recorded in the spring of 2010 and back in 2009, the very first post I wrote about on my site was a feature that profiled five mid-west indie-emo revivalist bands. Unfortunately, just as it was back then, more than half of them have already broken up within the past year even though they’ve only been around for a short time (Since it’s not archived in Google and deep into the site, I’ll link anyone who wants to read: But hey, why have a revival when you can just have the real thing in the Promise Ring?

  5. I loved Wood/Water. No trolling.

  6. wtf good is the ring if you fuckin leave?

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