Fort Lean - "Beach Holiday" Video

In the video for the sticky, fired-up anthem “Beach Holiday,” Keenan Mitchell, frontman for the classic-rock-inflected Brooklyn indie band Fort Lean, works goes to work behind the counter of a Brooklyn deli and wishes he was hanging out with girls in daisy dukes instead. This is a feeling you may have felt before. Mitchell and his bandmates deserve props for perfecting the greasy thousand-yard-stare that best reflects the shitty day-job work day. Watch it below.

(via Spin)

Fort Lean’s self-titled EP is still up for free download at their Bandcamp page. It’s very good. See also their “Perfect” video. And check out our Quit Your Day Job interview with the band, in which we learn that guitarist Zach Fried and drummer Sam Ubl, at least, do not actually work Brooklyn meat counters. Fried is a real estate broker, and Ubl teaches elementary school. The more you know.

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  1. classic rock… yikes. does it get any lamer?

  2. I now know why the lead singer is depressed in every one of their videos. Not only is he in the ugliest band since Nickelback, but his name is also a reminder that Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell had so much potential with All That, the Kenan and Kel Show, and…Good Burger. Yes, every time you hear Fort Lean for now on you will think of Good Burger like I do.

  3. Tom, Corban, Scott, Amrit or whoever (stumbles upon this comment) could you please ask Keenan Mitchell and Darwin Deez to form the band (or actual fast food joint) Good Burger? That is all that I want for Christmas. Thanks!

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