The Black Keys - El Camino

You’ve likely already heard “Lonely Boy” and “Run Right Back,” two of the track from the impending Black Keys album El Camino. And right now, the band is streaming those two, plus three more: the hard-stomping “Gold On The Ceiling,” the slow-building “Little Black Submarines,” and the genially chugging “Sister.” Type a few things into the widget below to hear all five.

(via the Black Keys’ website)

El Camino is out 12/6 on Nonesuch.

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  1. All hail “Little Black Submarines.” Fuck me, that’s a good song.

  2. can’t wait to see this live and stomp my feet and drank burrs

  3. Mmm they have changed so dramatically since the days of The Big Come Up. It sounds like a mix of Rubber Factory + Attack and Release styles. Like a combination of blues and rock with a pinch of soul. Either way I guess its pretty good, as others have been saying — Little Black Submarine…wow definitely the most impressive track thus far.

  4. The other day, Fugazi announced that they would be posting an online archive of live material that is unprecedented for a band of their stature. Pitchfork (and even my local newspaper) rightfully covered the story but Stereogum ignores it.

    And what does this site favour over that legendary underground act? Middle-brow, pedestrian success-stories like Black Keys or Tegan and Sera who never seem to have too little coverage. Focusing on these safe performers will probably get Stereogum sufficient hits but innovative, less accessible artists like Black Dice or Death Grips get the shaft.

    It’s no wonder that Stereogum is no longer given the “indie music” tag. I should really stop coming to this blog and expecting something that it once was…

  5. I would love to stream these songs… apparently a canadian postal code is moot.

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