This outfit, 2:54, is a pair of British blood sisters with shoegazer and eyeliner smeared all over their music and a terrific EP to their family name. (Thurlow, for the record.) Think about the sonic signifiers of Lush and PJ Harvey bottled inside a band that named itself after a specific moment in a Melvins song (“A History Of Bad Men”) that’s tight with the xx and Warpaint and you’ve rendered a fairly accurate composite sketch. Their EP is called Scarlet, it courses with the pained hormonal lust and vocals of the vaguely post-adolescent kind and savvy fuzz guitars that feel learned from ’90s alt-rock Guitar World tablature (or like they were produced by Alan Moulder, which they were). Get familiar with the video for 2:54′s EP title track; it’s smokey, stylish, and sylvan, pale-skinned and emotionally smoldered — basically it is Twilight in a music video, to the extent something like that could be a compliment.

Hear another track, “Got A Hold”:

2:54 – Got A Hold by 2:54 Band

2:54′s Scarlet EP is out via Fiction. It is very good. NYC, the band is at Pianos tonight. Let’s go.

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  1. Weird name but, to be fair, that moment in A History of Bad Men is pretty amazing.

    I like this enough to resent any mention of Twilight in the same paragraph.


  3. dig the music. a lot. but it felt like i was watching a twilight video…

  4. Okay, Stereogum, and 2:54, you’ve got me paying attention. Now, forgive me for asking (particularly if this question is addressed elsewhere), but why aren’t these columns titled “Band to Hear”?

  5. wow, i listened to got a hold first and thought i wasn’t going to like them too much, but then i watched the video for scarlet and i’ve got to say that was really awesome.

  6. video or not, this is a rally call to Trent. How to Destroy needs to get their LP out cause these guys are good (and there can only be one)

  7. I like it…there has been some decent music coming out of the nu gaze scene. Ringo Deathstarr, Morpheme, Gliss and quite a few others are really mining this sound. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before it gets really tired and boring, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s going strong.

  8. Why don’t they have a song that’s 2:54 long? Apart from that, Scarlet is really good.

  9. Friction has a way of shoving their bands into mainstream appeal. Hopefully these girls don’t risk their obvious talent on popular demands.

  10. Nicely written article, Amrit. You managed to describe in words exactly the feeling of listening to 2:54. Why aren’t there more music journalists like you?
    Keep it up.

  11. Her voice sounds a bit like Jarboe’s. Nice stuff.

  12. good call. this sounds quite promising.

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