Woods - "Christmas Time Is Here"

This year you can have a a Very Woodsist Xmas, at least for three minutes. The god Vince Guaraldi’s magical Charlie Brown yule-time standard “Christmas Time Is Here,” the one that immediately gets you in the mood to sip mulled cider and get pepper-sprayed at Walmart, gets warped, ever-so-slightly, with the narcotic cassette-fetishist aesthetic that Woods do so well. Even with Guaraldi’s cup of holiday cheer spiked with this mild psychedelic, it still feels wholesome and like I want to be in sweatpants and hugging my parents. It’s December, you are allowed to to start putting Christmas songs in your playlist. Start:

(via Pitchfork.com)

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  1. Finally a new Christmas song cover that hasn’t already been covered to death. And it’s from Woods! Even better.

    One of my favorite accidental musical discoveries induced by Christmas happened when I was a high schooler scowering through Napster (R.I.P.) for the Heatmiser theme from The Year Without a Santa Claus, only to find that I had downloaded a bunch of songs by Elliott Smith’s former band, Heatmiser.

  2. This is so awesome!
    Dawes also did a fine cover on AV Club’s ‘Undercover’ series. This is better though I think.
    Dat voice.

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