It’s been more than a decade since it existed in any meaningful sort of way, but Napster, the file-sharing service that spread like wildfire across late-’90s college campuses and changed the music industry forever, is finally blinking out of existence for days. After the courts of the world stopped it from fulfilling its illegal file-sharing raison d’etre, Napster reinvented itself as a Best Buy-owned streaming service. And as CNN reports, Rhapsody has now acquired Napster, and it’ll be putting that kitty logo out of its misery. In exchange, Best Buy is getting a share of Rhapsody ownership, and Rhapsody is getting all of Napster’s subscribers.

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  1. all 10 of them

  2. Well, at least we still have SoulSeek…

  3. Not Again!

  4. Do people not like the cat logo? I always liked the cat logo… tho by the time I was (potentially) engaging in file sharing activities that kitty had already been neutered.

  5. SHIT, I was gonna buy lulu on napster…

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