Nicki Minaj - "Roman In Moscow"

“I fucked your life last year this time, remember that?” Nicki asks on her new song, “Roman In Moscow” (in fact, yes, I do remember that). The “spitter shit” that Drake predicted definitely is in effect here. Even if that wasn’t enough, which it totally is, there’s also the fact that, at this point, I’m ready to listen to any song that follows the “______ in [location]” song-naming rubric. Click past the jump to stream the track.

(via Nah Right)

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is out 2/14 on Young Money.

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  1. This song is weird as fuck. I like this better than her singing over generic David Guetta beats with shitty lyrics about how much she wants a man.

  2. she represents contemporary rap in general, interesting, has some bright spots but ultimately disappoints.

  3. Nicki spittin’>Nicki singing

  4. This is great! I always wanted to hear what Drake’s ghostwritten verses that couldn’t make the cut for a Wayne album sounded like!

  5. I like the rapping but that “Y’all want the full Roman” ish is terrible…

  6. How do people listen to this garbage? Fine, the beat is good.

  7. I generally don’t mind Nicki, but I can’t hear a single redeemable quality to this song. Nothing about it works for me.

    But “Roman in Moscow” is a great title for a thing to have. Song or otherwise.

  8. i think in a few more listens, i’ll come around. i always do eventually. great title though

  9. not a big fan of that whole sequel deal for rap studio albums, unless for if the that first one is a stone cold classic. stuff like cudi making three sequels for man on the moon or Bun B making his second album II Trill just bugs me somehow. I’m fine with mixtapes doing that though. and pilot talk 1 and 2 last year, just because they were pretty much the same album.

    the song… is a good start on the Nicki doing spitta shit angle, but there were a few slightly annoying lines where she got all hashtag rap or just started throwing out playground taunts. good start though.

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