Heavenly Beat - "Presence"

Beach Fossils bassist John Peña’s solo project Heavenly Beat churns out warm, rhythmic jams like “Desire” and “Suday,” the former Tom nicely pegged as a track inflected with a “wispy indie-pop melody and a bossa-nova lilt.” Today, we have the B-side to his new “Faithless” single called “Presence,” which reinforces the songwriting strengths we mentioned before. Stream it after the jump.

The “Faithless” 7” is out tomorrow on Captured Tracks.

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  1. I like this, I like all the ideas and melodic moves. I also wish he played more parts mic’ed instead of using synths and going direct-in. Adding tons of delay and reverb is kinda okay I guess, but the fake strings are like…really fake. daz jussss my opinion dough!

  2. So why is this only available as a stream? People do realise that I’ll buy the 7″ only if I’m able to listen to the song while i’m on the bus/bike etc. with my mp3 player, right?

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