Julia Holter - Ekstasis

The press materials for Ekstasis, Julia Holter’s third release and her debut for the excellently curated outrĂ© outpost RVNG records, cite each of the following as influences and inspirations on the LP: time spent studying at Cal Arts, time spent studying harmonium and voice under a guru in India; medieval manuscripts; her classical training. This may strike some of you as pretentious, which is fine, because if those mere words scare you then the filigreed, delicate but experimental vocal/Rhodes electronic music Holter makes will not sit well, either. But make no mistake, “Marienbad” is a fairly fantastic, madrigal-tipped track: It’s named after the film Last Year At Marienbad, which Wiki will tell you is “famous for its enigmatic narrative structure,” and the song lives up to that with its non-linear five-minute plot and ren-faire stylings. Pro tip: Reorder your records alphabetically by first name and slip Julia Holter between your Joanna Newsom and Julianna Barwick LPs; that’s where this one belongs. Hear “Marienbad”:

Julia Holter – Marienbad by RVNG Intl.

Ekstasis is out 3/8/12 via RVNG.

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