Ali Koehler

Ali Koehler, the former Vivian Girls drummer who left that band last year to join Best Coast, has now parted ways with Best Coast. On her Twitter last night, in what I have to assume is some sort of subliminal dig, Koehler posted, “Cat’s outta the bag, I’m not in Best Coast anymore.” And when someone asked her why, she responded, “Not my choice, sorry if you’re disappointed.” Later, she also wrote that she’d be back to making music soon. So if you’re in a retro-fuzzpop band and you need a drummer, you now know who to call. Hipster Runoff, as you’d imagine, has already weighed in.

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  1. Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus recently tweeted (hours after addressing the issue after it broke) that it sounds like Best Coast has “some suspect business ethics” and its “pretty fucked.” Maybe he’s heard through the grapevine what went down. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bethany has made the full transformation into diva territory.

  2. Wow, I’m really curious about what went down!

  3. Weighed in?
    We get it, Ali is fat.

    • Uh, what? That’s actually not what the Hipster Runoff coverage says at all. It basically says she was too indie, so they replaced her with some bland guy who would allow them to more easily appeal to faux-indie fans.

  4. Wow, Michaeal Hanna, you missed it.
    Let me throw you a bone and show you where your over analysis will prove to you over the internet that in fact you are a twat on your quest to prove someone wrong.
    The joke was that stereogram made the “weighed in” comment, you are right if you need to hear that, H.O. did not say that, there you go.
    However Stereogum did make the “weighed in” comment.
    Which from there prompted my joke.
    Glad you clarify what I already understood, sorry you couldn’t grasp it.
    I’ll try to be more clear next time for the Michael Hannas in this world.

  5. Dude, I know what Stereogum said. I read the whole news item on here and the link. They use the phrase “weighed in” all the time when they link to another site, so unless Hipster Runoff actually made a weight reference, neither site was saying anything about her weight. By the way, you are way too sensitive.

  6. You’re too literal.
    I took the comment they made and cracked a joke.
    Sorry Michael Hanna, it’s a pain in the ass trying to break don this for you.
    I don’t have time for you.
    You’re right again I am sensitive to all the Michael Hannas of the world, they need that special attention and extra explanation.

    • It isn’t that I’m so literal. We’re on the internet, and you are attempting a joke that is largely dependent upon tone of voice. It can be read either way. You sound like you have a lot of baggage. Good luck with all that.

      • You’re tone is whiny.
        You’re right I’ve got baggage, it’s from you and your pointless bitching about not getting a joke.
        You can’t comprehend humor, get over it.

  7. I saw that band live they were awful. I hope any weight reference was made on purpose. She and the other girl in that band are disgusting.

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