Chimes Of Freedom

Last month, we reported on the existence of Chimes Of Freedom, Amnesty International’s massive and mind-boggling new Bob Dylan tribute compilation. The album includes four CDs and 75 covers, and its list of contributors is wide enough to include the Kronos Quartet, Pete Seeger, and Miley Cyrus. Versatility!

Right now, you can stream clips from the entire monstrous thing at Amnesty’s Facebook page; all you have to do is click “like.” And because we knew you were curious, click the jump to hear Ke$ha’s impressively raspy take on “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” — that’s if you can get over the dissonance of Ke$ha singing a Bob Dylan song. Did she murder it in the good way or the bad way? You be the judge!

Chimes Of Freedom is out 1/24 through Fontana Distribution. All proceeds benefit Amnesty International.

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  1. The Ke$ha version is just boring.

  2. I feel like Ke$ha caved into the idea that Dylan’s work is sacrosanct and must be touched daintily with kids’ gloves. What resulted was a bland, melodramatic reverence for the source material. What she didn’t capture is the original’s playfulness in spite of its bitter sentiment. Ke$ha of all people has no fun with it whatsoever.

  3. Um, no you can’t “stream the entire monstrous thing” at AI’s Facebook page. They provide 1-minute samples of the songs. Lame.

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