Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream Deluxe Edition

Earlier this year, Providence MPC wizard Araabmuzik released his solo album Electronic Dream, on which he co-opted and grime-ified some of the moment’s most cheesed-out Euro-house uplift anthems. Today, he releases a deluxe edition of that album. It features six new tracks, and we’ve got one of them below. Listen to “I Remember,” Araab’s reworking of the Deadmau5/Kaskade track of the same name.

The deluxe edition of Electronic Dream is out today on Duke Production.

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  1. I finally downloaded this and listened to it.

    Question: Is it completely necessary to drop that “You’re listening to AraabMUZIK” sample at the front of every song on the album? And by the sounds of this, every bonus track too?

  2. Its a producer thing. If you listen to a lot of rap, hip hop, juke beats you will often hear a producer’s watermark in the beginning or multiple times in the song. David banner’s got one, Lex Luger has his synth charge up thing on every song. That ty beats! in the beginning of ASAP Rocky’s Peso…. is for ty beats the producer!

    Most have them, so when you spin the track everyone knows who made it!

    In other news Arrabmuzik is my go to music for a party.

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