Radiohead - The Daily Mail b/w Staircase

A few days ago, a bonus Radiohead Live From The Basement video emerged in the form of a live version “Supercollider,” and in that post we mentioned that Radiohead was prepping two new singles for release on 12/19, “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase.” Lo and behold, Zane Lowe premiered the “single” version of “The Daily Mail” on his BBC 1 Radio show earlier today and the recording sounds identical to the Basement take. So now we know. Have a listen:

(via We All Want Someone)

The singles for “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase” will be available 12/19 through Radiohead’s website.

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  1. Really enjoy the juxtaposition of the the scream at the beginning into the soft piano keys and Thom’s voice. My guess is that they’re going into the direction of a Korn dubstep vibe with their sound.

  2. One of my favorite Radiohead songs in awhile. Reminds me of Amnesiac or Hail To the Thief era.

  3. That was amazing. I really want a high quality studio version of this song. Not to knock Radiohead, but an album’s worth of this kindof thing would have bumped it’s head at the top of my album of the year list, and probably several others too.

    But hey, more power to DJ Thom and Johnny for pushing themselves to new creative themes and ideas.

    • nigel’s basement’s a studio, innit? seriously though, this recording sounds pretty darn good. if you just heard it without knowing it was from from the basement, you might not even question it. and it’ll probably sound a little better as not a radio rip, eh.

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  5. i don’t think anyone can bag on the “king of limbs” era anymore when you put these 2 songs with the last 2 songs and the KOL album.

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