Lana Del Rey - "Born To Die" Video

It’s here! When LDR first mentioned that the video for “Born To Die” featured a tiger in its cast, she was actually being modest. The clip actually has two tigers, as well as a cathedral, a slo-mo flaming-wreckage shot, and a ton of makeout scenes with the Tommy Lee-looking guy from the topless flag-fluttering video (model Bradley Soileau). Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine) directs…

Born To Die is out 1/31 on Interscope.

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  1. dude kinda looks like james blunt

  2. That site had some sketchy message asking me to give it permission to access the network I’m on. See, this is why Lana Del Rey is dangerous — Some Russian operative probably thought, “Let’s tap into Americans’ computers and take all their secrets by using their weakness for women to our strength.” Queue Lana Del Rey’s contrived image of American beauty.

    Anyhow, Tthe one thing I took away from this video were Lana’s love for literal hand gestures (the throat-cut sign and the “crazy-in-the-head” sign more specifically.)

  3. I heard she doesn’t even build her own cathedrals for her videos. She just has someone else do it for her.

  4. The ‘sketchy Russian site’ is actually one of their most popular social networks.

    • I’m afraid of everything that appears strange to me. It’s my birthright as an American.

    • In there defense, I think most of the world takes their computers into the yard and burns them in a quarantine container after accidentally visiting one of America’s most popular social networks, Myspace.

  5. It’s odd how fitting the term “Born to Die” is for someone like Lana Del Rey. She’s like a fast car that leaves the starting line with her gas light already on. Of course, my predictions are probably invalidated by the fact that I thought the exact same thing about Britney Spears when she started Oops doing it again.

    • Only time will tell. It’s hard to make predictions like that. A lot of people (myself included) thought Katy Perry would be a one hit wonder (I Kissed a Girl), but now look at her. She’s breaking records for the most number ones.

      The opposite could be said about bands and artist everyone thought were going to “blow up”, most of them are still unknown or disbanded. After realizing this I stopped making predictions of success and failure in the music industry, now I just enjoy the music.

      At the end of the day the predictions are just used to boost our egos. So we can say–I knew they’d be a one hit wonder, or I knew he would blow up, I was a fan since the first mixtape blah, blah, blah… It’s all pointless self-indulgent drivel.

      • It’s true. You never know who will become huge. Imagine telling someone, when “Behind the Front” was released, the Black Eyed Peas would become so famous you can’t even escape hearing them anywhere on planet Earth?

        I don’t think we’ll see LDR blow up huge unless she (or someone, rather) really changes her music style. It’s probably a little too subdued for mainstream, big-business pop music. Katy Perry has succeeded in that vein because “her” music oozes pop sensibility. The songs are upbeat and you have trouble forgetting them once you hear them (no matter how hard you try and try). That stuff tends to do well with a lot of different demographics,

        But, again, you just never know.

        • Well, LDR is currently on the top spot of the German Single Charts with “Video Games”. That means she has evolved from a blog-hit-wonder into at least a one-hit-wonder in Germany. It’s hard to foresee if she will have a similar constant success as Adele…but if so than her following audience will consist of AOR listeners, indie or pseudo-indie folks and romantic people. And that makes up a big piece of the mainstream cake actually!

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  7. good song but seriously, i’m not trying to be a square here but do her publicists actually think the cigarette placement in her photo shoots and videos is a great idea? i can already smell the lana del rey/teen smoking controversy once she blows up

    • Encouraging teen smoking is one thing. I’m more concerned about encouraging teens to make out while driving down down. And worse than that, I’m concerned about encouraging teens to get chest, neck and face tattoos instead of wearing shirts.

  8. i like lana del rey. She is safe. She isn’t really that weird or wild or crazy (except for maybe the tigers) but she really knows how to write a song.

  9. I want to always have sideburns but hair growth is so unreliable.

    Get sideburns tattooed on my face? Done and done. Ain’t no decision like a good decision, I always say.

  10. Awwww… relax people! If it’s not your thing, go on and let it be! I think it’s a bit poppier than I would have predicted, but some of the world’s greatest artists [or those more widely recognize] did pop music. That’s cool. To each its own. I like Lana a lot. The best part is that I have no hell of a clue as to why.
    And that make it even more addictive. I’m tired of intellectuality in music. I’m tired of pretentious people over-analizing everything.
    I said. :)

    • “I like Lana a lot. The best part is that I have no hell of a clue as to why.”

      • ^ That statement that you just made makes you a mindless fool.

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          • it’s so funny how I get a low rating by just giving my opinion. Intolerance anyone?? Snob snob people… ¬¬ I repeat. Go get a life!

          • Well Anna, it takes absolutely zero effort to share your opinion. And this is the second time this week that someone has used the phrase “pretentious” as a way to make people who are enthusiastic about a subject and put a lot of effort into their enthusiasm feel bad…the same way you probably don’t like to feel bad because your comments are downvoted.

            Anyways, if you don’t like why you like something and don’t care to find out, then I dunno…you could also have just written “I like apples and I don’t know why!” I’m not trying to be harsh, though I know I come off that way (often – because people can’t read my tone of voice from my type) but like…what exactly are you offering. “relax everyone don’t be pretentious because I like this thing for reasons I am incapable of sharing.” huh?

            Probably a good rule for everyone – people who work very hard on, and have a lot of enthusiasm and interest in a subject probably are for sure going be snobs, and that is not really an insult.

          • I was referring to the people who get a lot of enthusiasm crushing something down. Like my comments, and LDR. I was trying to express my view of how people through the use of this media have become even more intolerant than ever. All your comments are proof of that. If you think Intolerance is a positive value, then go ahead. Pretend I didn’t say anything, Freshie.

    • “over-analizing”

      There is no way a real person actually sincerely typed that, right?

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        • 1) A lot of people here are well versed in music history, don’t assume otherwise.
          2) Lana Del Ray has sold nothing yet, she has not even released a record.
          3) Businesses invest in things that don’t make a profit all the time, they are called Loss Leaders.
          4) Criticizing a song has little or nothing to do with arrogance. I don’t have to like everything that is pushed at me.
          5) If you admit you have a subjective view of an artist, why are you so upset that other people have the opposite subjective view?
          6) The assumption that your criticisms or lack thereof are any less genuine is incorrect.

      • Sam Muldia  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2012 0

        Oh noes, someone used an “I” instead of a “Y” in a word! Must not be human!

    • I think you all need a Google map

  11. Can’t wait for Weird Al’s “Born to Pie” in a few months.

  12. “Corn to Buy”

  13. So much hate for this girl! I don’t love her, but she’s definitely better than what’s on the radio & that says a lot. At least she has that going for her.

    • I don’t hear a lot of hate for her music. People are really just put off by her presentation. It’s not even her that people seem to take issue with; it’s how she is being advertised, and promoted, and how forcefully it is taking place. It invites criticism. In fact, it encourages the love/hate drama. That has become part of the game. The drama and discussion is part of the promotion now.

      And really, when you get down to it, most people are indifferent to the whole thing, and are just enjoying the distraction that heckling someone on the internet provides.

    • She is not a lot better than whats on the Radio. Katy Perry, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Dj Khaled, Kreashawn, and Lil Wayne are all a LOT better than her. Beyonce and Rihanna too. And this is all without me ever listening to the radio this year. I just know that those artist have songs that are better than hers that have been played on the radio this year. So im sure there are even more artist on the radio that are better than her that I don’t even know about.

      She is awful. Her songs i mean. I actually like her in the pics where she wears those booty shorts quite a bit.

      • Katy Perry… Kreashawn… Lil Wayne? I’m sorry, but you’ve just mentioned three of the most over-hyped, talentless “artists” in the industry today. Second of all, you haven’t listened to the radio this year? You obviously have no credibility to compare LDR’s music to what is on the radio, as you have no sense or value of what is actually being played.

        Furthermore, Katy Perry is an abomination to the music industry. Her songs are extremely catchy. That’s it. She is as deep and profound as a shallow puddle of urine.

        • Sam Muldia  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2012 0

          Her cover of Hackensack is awesome.

          Sometimes singers don’t need to do anything but have an interesting voice and sing a song (or two) well.

          I will not comment on whatever the hell Kreashawn is.

  14. i just loves those vocal samples she uses in the background.

  15. The only way this could be better is if it was Justin Beiber’s Christmas album.

  16. Am i the only one who thinks shes kind of retarded looking.

    • I think it is cause her eyes seem out of focus for the majority of the video, like she isn’t actually looking at anything. Except of course for the repeated make out scenes w/ Tommy Lee/Tattoo Face.

  17. Does anybody know Lana’s tour members??

  18. When will this stop happening in my life?! Can you just make a stereogum sister site that iz exclusively Lana? I think that’s the only way to keep everyone happy.

  19. I pretty much click through these LDR stories for the comments nowadays.

  20. Maybe her appearance on SNL will make SNL funny again? (via awkward hand gestures)

  21. I hate everything about this video.

  22. that’s it? I was hoping for cage fight between Lana/tattooed guy vs two tigers. Boo.

  23. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 +1

    I can’t believe I actually paused The Microphones to watch this crap.

  24. What? Not mainstream enough? “Video Games” is Top 5 in many European countries. Just didn’t make it to number 1 in most countries, because of the immense success of Gotye featuring Kimbra “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Seems like Interscope wants to make here the “Lady Gaga” of alter-popmusic, which isn’t a good idea. Majors (especially J. Iovine) need to stay away from the alternative and electronic scene. Katy Perry may have various number 1 hits in the US, but here it was Adele, Gotye, Lykke Li, Agnes Obel,… that dominated the charts. People are getting bored of al that mainstream stuff. Singles of Lady Gaga’s latest album weren’t even played on the major stations over here.

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  25. wanna love this song so bad but can’t, the chorus is a huge letdown…if she could only BELT IT OUT it could be an anthem, but yeah, nice casting on the tatted douche playing the bf haha, i think they probably picked that guy at random at a pot clinic:)

  26. she creeps me out

  27. This video is so overproduced. And that’s why I love it.

  28. all tigers go to heaven

  29. well I’m a little late here but I’ve got two cents weighing me down so..A

    Anna Molly was a bit of fun wasn’t she. so many lulz.

    LDR is exactly what this chick would sound like if she made music.

  30. “That video is pretty badass. All of our attempts to dislike her keep getting thwarted”– MY FRIEND, VIA FB CHAT: SO TRUE.

  31. am i allowed to simply like her music?
    i think it’s great.

  32. Do we really need more fake Indie music. This is just another artists for those who like Adele, Florence & The Machine, Coldplay, Muse, The Killers, Mumford & Sons…

  33. Is it just me or does LDR have a certain Brigitte Nielsen circa Rocky 4 sound to her voice…

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