Jeff Tweedy doing weather

During Wilco’s recent visit to Chicago’s WGN-TV, the band performed “Dawned On Me” and “Whole Love,” and as a special bonus, frontman Jeff Tweedy stepped out in front of the greenscreen to help deliver weather news and to gently send up the entire enterprise of delivering weather news. He is a funny person, and there should always be more funny people on TV. Watch the extremely entertaining clip below.

(via at the Chicago Tribute website)

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  1. Well, as you can see here, it is gonna be HOT HOT HOT in the poor places tonight

  2. Don’t let your Umbrella out of sight…or outta mind.

  3. If you think this snow is going to let up, that’s just wishful thinking

  4. Gonna be a Sky Blue Sky out there

  5. Down here, where we’re at, weather changes that’s the way it goes. Sometimes it snows, when everything’s wrong. Sometimes it snows, but when it does, it doesn’t last long…

    Down here, where we’re at, sweat drips from the tip of your nose. You wear loose clothes, and you try to stay cool.

  6. “When we come back, Jeff Tweedy Wilco-ver the weather”

  7. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 -12

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  8. I’m just going to throw up this idea my Band had for a Wilco cover band:

  9. Now I want to see Jack White cover some hard-hitting news story. “There’s been a murder downtown. Here’s Jack White with the story. Jack?”

    • Not sure if I can link it in a comment but type in ‘White Stripes comedy skit’ into youtube/google and on the first video at around 1:20 you can see them reporting for NBC’s Nightly News. Hard-hitting stuff

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