Sleigh Bells - "Born To Lose"

Sleigh Bells is getting set to blast everyone in the face with Reign Of Terror and their sophomore LP’s first single, “Born To Lose” has surfaced. Stream the track, a relatively polished cut accented by a little electronic texture, after the jump.

(via Spin)

Reign Of Terror is out 2/14 on Mom and Pop. People seem to be feeling this “Born To ____” construction right now.

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  1. It’s fun, and that’s all I really hoped for. So I guess i’m satisfied.

  2. Apparently, we were born to do a lot of different things: Run, Fly, Roll, Be Somebody, Be Wild, Die, and now Lose, all In the USA!

    Not a bad song though.

  3. Not thrilled with the vocals or the lack of “hot beat”…guitars are crushing though.

  4. It’s like they are doing this on purpose. Using a less melodramatic song title and then backing it up with a better song.

  5. “Sleigh Bells is getting set to blast everyone in the face”

    that is beyond what she said

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  7. Sounds great! Putting my subwoofer to work.

  8. eh. total eh.

  9. Alex Vermitsky  |   Posted on Dec 15th, 2011 0

    The Bouncing Souls already wrote the definitive Born to Lose.

  10. Going on my “Music To Do The Wave To” comp. NBA half-time rock.

  11. Good shit brew-nasssstay! Hella logical progression for them. Kinda like the change Neon Indian made between chasms and extrana

  12. The very definition of disposable music. Pump it a couple of times, preferably while enjoying some drinks, then throw it away and never think about it again.

    I cringe when I hear some of the stuff on their first album now. It’s like when you’re young, drink too much of some specific alcohol, throw-up like a dying rock star, then never want to smell or taste that drink again.

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      • Perhaps it’s just me, but this is a band that I associate with the vibes of a college party, thus the drinking metaphor. It’s fun for a bit, then you’re all set with it and look for more sustainable pleasures in life. Maybe it’s just because I’m an old man now and have little interest in this type of stuff.

        Matthew James Simerly, yes, Kafka is my favorite author, but now I’m mortified.

        Matthew, help me become a deeper person and internet-commenter. Franz Kafka mislead me down this dark path of feigned-depth.

  13. these guys sound got old instantly…this is not gonna be pretty….instantly forgettable

  14. It kinda sounds like Ratatat. When she’s singing “where did you go” is she talking about the beat?

  15. I sort of like the tune, but I’m much more of a Sleigh Bells fan when Alexis Krauss is shouting in my face. I like that version of the Bells best. However, I’ll give this song a 4 out of 5 stars because it’s new, and lord knows Sleigh Bells have been sort of flaking on the new for a little too long. I’m anxious to hear more.

  16. 1st listen- its ok
    2nd listen- oh i might like it
    3rd listen- holy fucking shit!

  17. Bored me to tears on a first listen but this is a real grower.

  18. I like it! My thumbs are up! (but just my thumbs, remain calm)

  19. It’s okay, but that’s a really weak hook for a single. It’s not getting me very excited for album #2…

  20. I really like the song. It sounds more structured and evolved without losing any of the edge and blow speakers sound that drew me for the first album.

  21. I cant believe how many dont like this! Listen again? The chord progression is brilliant and theyve displayed a genius use of 3/4th time. It makes me think of a really grungy masquerade ball… which is the strong contrast this band is known for.

  22. Sounds pretty good wanna hera the rest of the album

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