Arcade Fire - "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" Videos

Régine Chassagne is front and center in Arcade Fire’s new video for The Suburbs’ “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains),” which sort of plays like a constantly refreshing hi-res GIF. And, as Arcade Fire is wont to do, they give you a different, interactive look over at the website they’ve set up for the video, where, by enabling your camera, you can trigger the video with your hands. Even though I haven’t quite figured it out yet, I appreciate anybody trying to tweak the format a little, you know? Push it to the limit! Check out the video, and the video’s teaser video, after the jump.

The teaser:

The Suburbs is out now on Merge.

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  1. What an awesome thing to wake up to. My favorite track off of The Suburbs gets a delightfully offbeat music video. Hipsters rejoice!

  2. The interactive video has a different version of the song that sounds really great

  3. I know that I do not have enough friends–here, on this site, or elsewhere–to make statements like the one I’m about to make. Nevertheless, here it goes: I just wish _The Suburbs_ would go the hell away. It’s the weakest of all the band’s records (including their self-titled EP), and the whole suburban conceit is beyond lunkheaded. Words cannot describe how stupid it is, which probably explains why all the record’s lyrics are so stupid. I’m tried of hearing about this damn record whenever I’m walking down the hall in a shopping mall in the middle of the sprawl with the kids in the hall who live at the end of the hall in the shopping mall in the middle of the sprawl . . . Barf.

    Okay, bring on the abuse . . . again.

    • Wrong. Neon Bible was obviously their weakest record.

      • Wrong. Neon Bible is far from being their weakest record, I would say it is one of their better ones, in fact, if I had to choose an Arcade Fire album to listen to for the rest of my life it would be that album. And while I do really enjoy this album I have to agree with Joseph P. Fisher, The Suburbs definitely wasn’t one of their better albums.

        • “One of their better albums”? Dude, they only have three. Anyway, Neon Bible definitely isn’t their best album it’s a collection of songs that are all great on their own but it doesn’t have the same impact as Funeral, which is clearly their best.

    • If goofy lyrics equaled bad songs, I Am The Walrus wouldn’t be The Beatles’ greatest song, which it undeniably is.

  4. Anyone else kind of get a Safety Dance vibe from the video?

  5. So beautiful. Really. Especially the shot at the end with Regine’s red dress with the lights and its raining. Amazing.

  6. Sometimes im like ok im over Arcade Fire and then they do something like this and im like okay i am totally not over Arcade Fire

  7. I love that this song has given Regine more exposure as a lead singer. She’s just a wonderful presence. Listening and watching her, you can’t help but smile.

    • Régine Chassagne is absolutely brilliant as a singer – painfully reminds me of the last lackluster albums of Björk and The Knife (that musical!) – AND a solo performer. I predict a critically acclaimed solo album tryout of her in 2012.

  8. It’s rare when a video actually endears me more to a song I already really liked. this is one of those. Although, I’m not sure why. I’ll just chalk it up to Regine.

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  10. The ending gave me a seizure, so thanks Arcade Fire.

    I personally prefer the Half Light “suite” or whatever the hell you want to call it, but good video for a good song.

    I’m not much of a music video person myself so I don’t know why I’m commenting.

  11. About the website they set up for the song… it can be tricky to figure it out, but this is actually quite simple: the video in it is divided into small pieces of video loops that play on repeat. If you start to move (for instance your hands) in front of the camera then these loops start to play. The faster you move, the quicker they play.

  12. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Dec 19th, 2011 +2

    And for once, the release of a music video, in these waning days of 2011, feels like an event.

  13. regine is so ….special

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