Slim Dunkin

Rolling Stone reports that the Atlanta rapper Slim Dunkin died yesterday in his hometown after being shot in the chest in a recording studio. According to police, Dunkin was shot while preparing to record a music video, and he’d been in some kind of altercation with an unidentified man before being shot. No arrests have been made, and no motives have been named. Dunk was 24.

Dunkin was a member of Waka Flocka Flame’s Brick Squad 1017 crew, and his career was still very much on an upward trajectory before he died. Dunkin was a big part of Flocka’s many 2011 mixtapes; he appeared alongside Flocka on the cover of Lebron Flocka James 3, and he had a couple of strong verses on the just-released Waka/French Montana collab Lock Out. He also released his own Menace II Society tape earlier this year. His style was a growly, relatively low-key complement to Flocka’s bellow, and he seemed to be growing into it a little more every month.

Below, watch the video for his Flocka collab “Twin Towers.”

Dunkin, you’ll notice, was also tall as fuck, and he wore a chain with an iced-out Gumby and Pokey on it.

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  1. About the “Twin Towers 2(no fly zone)” song. The thought process on this song is on the same level as a five year old. At no point do they demonstrate understanding or anything that resembles a person that isn’t at risk of being shot dead at 24′s thought process.

    “Dunkin, you’ll notice, was also tall as fuck, and he wore a chain with an iced-out Gumby and Pokey on it. He was cool. This sucks.”

    What the fuck happened to this website?

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  3. “Fight me, try me, shoot me…” and it happened

  4. RIP Dunk. the future of BSM.

  5. Rob’s comment was hidden due to a low comment rating. Why can’t we downvote Tom and Corban’s posts so that they are hidden?

    • Because hip hop isn’t music, right? Jeez. This website is branching out. Live with it or don’t read/comment on the posts that don’t interest you. Pretty simple. There’s plenty of content here for fans of indie music or whatever you may come here for.

      • I believe Mr Knut’s reaction is not directed against hip hop in general, just against mediocrity. There’s quite a gap between dismissing Wacka Flocka and believing hip hop isn’t music.

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to single you out. It’s just a general comment on the reaction to the hip hop content on here of late.

  6. Jesus man, things are gettin real for the Brick Squad. RIP Dunk

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