Guided By Voices - Let's Go Eat The Factory

First, Robert Pollard announced that he’d reunited with the mighty mid-’90s lineup of his scratchy hall-of-fame power-pop crew Guided By Voices. Then, he announced that the reunion wouldn’t be just a victory-lap tour; they’d also gotten together to record a brand new album called Let’s Go Eat The Factory. And now it’s here. The entire 21-song, 42 minute album is streaming at NPR. Click here to hear it, then join the comments-section conversation about whether they’ve still got it.

Let’s Go Eat The Factory is out New Years Day on Fire internationally and GBV Inc. in America.

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  1. This is a nice way to wash 2011 off the palette. What a weird year it was for music.

    • Yeah… I found that though there were a fair amount of good albums this year, there weren’t any particularly amazing albums. There also didn’t appear to be a unified sound this year.

  2. they’ve definitely still got it

    BUT this is a tough record to introduce/reintroduce everyone to GBV…it’s sloppy as hell, full of great moments and some duds too…very similar to Vampire on Titus, especially with what sounds like Bob drumming on some of these songs

    early favorites: Either Nelson, Doughnut, My Europa, We won’t apologize for the human race

    • well said. it’s a record for the old fans, but might confuse new listeners. i was thinking vampire on titus too, which is one of my all-time favorites even though it took longer than any other GBV album to get into.

      i’m really impressed by this one, though. love the sequence of “waves” (GREAT tobin sprout tune, recalls “mincer ray” a bit) into “my europa” into “chocolate boy.”

  3. This made my day

  4. This random… but awesome.

  5. …for sale iTunes today too….

  6. This is an outstanding return to form. Regardless of whether or not you hear Vampire, Alien, or Bee (which is where I fall), this is such a welcome return. Much more diverse and interesting than 90% of what is being released today. Welcome back, and thank you for the return.

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