Lana Del Rey - "Off To The Races"

Born To Die’s latest track reveal comes in the form of “Off To The Races,” which we first posted in a live incarnation last month. Today LDR’s studio version of the track became iTunes UK’s Free Single Of The Week. The retailer describes it as “ripped from a pulp novel’s pages, describing an impossibly strained relationship flooded with cocktails, tears and regret. The shell casing protecting the combustible mixture is Del Rey’s resolve, strengthened by a background of synthetic strings and dark beats.” Take a listen below.

Born To Die is out 1/30 on Interscope, but before that Lana will make her American television debut 1/14 on SNL.

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  1. This took a few listens but damn I am really excited for this album. I think its just time to move past the hate and accept she may actually be for real.

  2. “Light of my life, fire of my loins” – My phone every time I get a text message from today forward.

    • See if you just sit on your phone and keep it on silent, your phone will light up and it feels really great on your loins. Just cut out the middle man and do it for real!

  3. The “ripped from a novel’s pages” description is pretty accurate considering “light of my life, fire of my loins” is the opening line from Lolita.

  4. ‘we hate lana del ray, but we’ll post everything she fucking does’ – every website on the internet

    • “I hate Lana Del Rey and I don’t have to read about or listen to her if I don’t want to but I’m going to post shitty comments about it anway” – You

      • “Woah, ooooooooooh my god what is this?!!? OOOooooohhhh god, why is this coming out of me? What the fuck how did lettuce not get digested? …….I guess it’s mostly water and that’s certainly what is coming out right now AAAAAAAHHHHGHGGHHHHGGGG what do you want from me??? I’ve got nothing left in me” – me, this morning. Location: toilet.

    • Hate her or love her, the fact is that Lana Del Rey is great for site traffic. I’ve only mentioned LDR once on mine (in an unfavorable way) but soon after I did, I saw in my analytics reports that the search terms “LANA DEL REY FAKE LIPS” and “LANA DEY REL SURGERY” were driving a healthy amount of visitors to my page.

      As for this song, I don’t think the rap-talking with the “banger”-like beat works out very well. I get that it’s trying to put a modern spin on her old Hollywood sound, but when she focused on the latter, it at least differentiated her from most other pop stars. This could’ve been any pop star’s song (especially the ones from the UK.)

  5. There’s only SIX more Lana Del Rey stories until Christmas!! I’m so excited.

  6. This is the first track from her that I REALLY like.
    I kind of hate her but the music’s good.

  7. Are you getting paid to post about her?

  8. Oh just let her go! Girls are gonna get sexy again with Lana Del Ray around.

  9. Stereogum, why don’t you just create a LDR forum and get it over with. You KNOW you want to.

  10. I gotta admit I truly would’ve enjoyed this in 1998.

  11. At least it’s not on Pitchfork

  12. When did J. Spaceman (Spiritualized) have a child with PJ Harvey circa “To Bring You My Love”? I think that’s a compliment, not too sure though.

  13. I like this quuuuuuuuite a bit. I’m wondering, though, who she is referring to at the beginning of the song when she says “my old man”. I’m assuming it’s like when you’re married and old and you say

    “my old lady got hemorrhoids again. She ain’t had em since we bin hitched”

    But then it could be her father, which is on some weird shit:

  14. hot damn she really knows how to spread out her news so we are forced to endure through one story/song per day.

  15. This is really interesting, I mean, those beats are very deep, but, like every Lana del Rey song (except for Video Games and Yayo) I’m not sure if I like it yet.

  16. I love the uncomfortably taboo sexuality in her lyrics. She makes music from the perspective of someone conditioned to please others which is interesting in a music industry populated by the products of feminism, but also heartbreaking in it’s shameless vulnerability. Her dry delivery and blank stare betrays the callous heart of a high class hooker as her pouty lips beg for approval. She’s going to he huge.

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  18. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether Lana Del Rey has more fans or haters. In the words of the long-forgotten Lady Sovereign, “Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession.”

  19. This is still good, and I think I will like it when I listen to the whole album, but I think video games and born to die are better. Check out my review of born to die here:

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