Lana Del Rey - "Off To The Races" Found Footage Video

Recently, Lana Del Rey’s latest Born To Die cut, “Off To The Races,” found its way to the web and now it’s got an official found footage clip. Spoiler alert: It’s not super imaginative, and if you’re going for some Wild West intrigue, please go here instead. But there are a lot of guns. Guns! America! Watch the clip after the jump.

Born To Die is out 1/30 on Interscope. Lana makes her American television debut 1/14 on SNL.

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  1. See that, everyone? An hour after posting this article, and not a single comment until now. Sometimes overexposure has it’s benefits once people start taking an indifferent attitude toward the topic of discussion. In this case, I think that since Lana arrived with so much controversy surrounding the character she plays, it’s inevitably worn most of us out to the point that nothing she does surprises or gains as much of a reaction. Nice job, all.

  2. How has pitchfork not posted this yet? Can the nightmare really be over???

  3. thanks for the insight, michael_.

  4. I appreciate the fact that she has a nice vocal range, but the song itself is bad. I wonder if she made the video, though?

  5. guessing she won’t be playin’ THIS sonic trainwreck on SNL, yeesh.

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