Tyler, The Creator Arrested

When you go to an Odd Future show as an audience member, you’ve got to know that there’s a reasonable chance you’ll be kicked in the head. The same thing should not, however, extend to the professional adults working at those shows. Last night, Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator was arrested “on suspicion of vandalism” after a show at L.A.’s Roxy, as TMZ reports. He’d allegedly trashed some of the club’s equipment, and he also punched a soundman.

According to TMZ, Tyler’s mom, visibly upset, watched the police cart her away. Various Twitter eyewitness accounts also claim that members of the crowd surrounded the police car, and officers pulled out rubber-bullet guns to keep them back. Below, we’ve got video that seems to show Tyler’s altercation with the soundman.

And here’s what TMZ captured:

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The guy was still standing afterward and everything, but still, bad form.

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  1. OMG he’s just such a bad egg. We might as well not give this any context and boycott him. Go Tegan & Sarah!


    • Well presumably he did it because the sound was garbage, which is an understandable frustration, but a common one that obviously doesn’t deserve that sort of reaction. But yes, it would be nice to get some sort of context behind this. Just making the assumption.

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        • 1. say anything stupid

          2. then write SWAG

          3. now you look cool (or at least think you do)

          it’s almost a beautiful thing in how dumb it is, really.

      • Yeah, not to the fault of Stereogum but the TMZ article gave no background as to what set Tyler off. I however can’t support this type of behavior regardless. It’s reckless and in the end, doesn’t do anything except make for tabloid fodder. Sorry Tyler, it doesn’t make you look like some sort of rebellious victim raging against authority, either — It makes you look unintelligent actually.

        Earlier this morning, I had seen one of my favorite hardcore bands (and friends of Odd Future) Trash Talk tweeting “FREE TYLER,” not knowing yet what the story behind that was. Now understanding what they were referring to, it brings to light an issue I notice often with some of those within the punk and hardcore scene in that their reaction is often that everyone is against them, and if anyone rubs them the wrong way, it gives them the right to be disrespectful physically and verbally. In their mind, they’re expressing their “rights” (but ironically, their reaction impedes on those of others’ i.e. hitting a sound guy.) I’ve always been taught that if you can find a way to get your point across with via well-thought out words or non-physical protest instead of expletives or fists, you’ll always come out on top.

    • The context behind it is that he has a new record coming out, and it’s a bullshit publicity stunt like his other arrests.

      Also there is no excuse for throwing shit at a sound guy, ever. If you want good sound, bring your own guy. If you don’t bring your own sound guy you have no right to be frustrated.

      • I’m not defending Tyler, but if that wasn’t his sound guy, then he still has a right to be defended. Sound guys do that shit all the time to bands! They’ll fix the sound for a band they like/people in the band they are friends with, but they won’t fix the solo act’s sound. Ignorant fucks.

        • Sure, there are some shitty sound guys out there. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of those guys. And trust me, I’ve wanted to throw shit at some of them. It completely sucks. But as soon as you cross the threshold and actually throw something, then you’re the asshole. And as long as you’re nice to them and act like a grownup and a professional, things will go smoothly. If you’re worried, show up to your show with a 6-pack and show some appreciation for the guy running your sound all night. Or bring your own guy.

      • Kind of see what you’re saying, but mostly not. I wrote a long retort to this but it seems as though Stereogum has banned me from commenting on this post!?

        Censor Lil Wayne Disciple too!?

        • Lol, guess not. Maybe it was cus i put in YouTube links. But anyways,

          Google “sound guy fight” + “javelin” or “Mario” or “DMX” and you’ll see that this is not that uncommon. TMZ is also the least respectable/credible outlet ever.

          Like Michael Underscore points out, violent behavior at shows is not limited to Tyler the Creator and hip-hop. I once saw Converge and the drummer ended the show with a feet-first torpedo into the audience. For some reason TMZ didn’t cover that and I didn’t hear any knee-jerk oversensitive reactions to it at the show.

          Not saying Tyler doesn’t come off as a conniption fit-throwing teensle in this vid, but what I AM saying is how are we so certain the sound guy wasn’t Steve Harvey or Bruno Mars?

          • I’m sure that there are plenty of instances where the sound guy is being a dick to a point where it is completely ruining your show, as a performer. But if you’ve played live music for any stretch of time, you know what it’s like, and there are a ton of ways to work around the sometimes very short tempered surly dicks running the board.

            I remember there were sound issues at the Rock the bells show a few years back – Kid Capri and Rakim were getting brutal feedback from the tables, it sounded awful to the point where Rakim freestyled a capella for a bit, and then just walked off stage. I actually asked for my money back and ended up on the phone with the promoter, who let me in on what happened.

            They showed up late. They didn’t sound check. Then Capri wanted to do a soundcheck ON STAGE, during their slot (this is a loooong festival with a ton of acts and very rigid set times) and he was clearly getting pissed off with the sound guy. But they showed up late To the audience, it looked like a clusterfuck caused by the soundguy, but in reality it was the act that didn’t make it when they were supposed to and didn’t act like professionals when it mattered.

            So the context does matter, for sure. I still don’t think you get to throw a mic stand at anyone.

          • Yeah, now I more see what you’re saying than not. I just don’t think it’s fair that Tyler and OF gets all the hate for stuff like this. I mean, Tyler and Hodgy did voted #1 performance in the prestigious ‘Gummie awards but they still get hated on in most of the write-ups. I guess that’s the price you pay for making such hateful music.

            Or really, I think it comes down to this: OF is amazingly good at capturing the twisted underside of the male psyche but it’s no wonder people find them more and more sickening as their lyrical content seems to be crossing over into their actual behavior.

            It’s also just really bad timing after the whole Left Brain photographer incident.

          • Also DAMN! Do you really hit your sound guys up with 6 packs? They must love you!

          • You’d be surprised what a 6-pack will get you. At the very least, it’ll get you someone’s committed attention.

          • Works wonders for guitar repairs too.

      • That’s exactly it. He’s so fucking lame. Like a bunch of bratty kids let run wild, cus it causes a scene.

    • Yeah, there are so many reasons to hit sound guys you don’t know. If you’re not happy with the sound, you HAVE to hit them, right? That’s completely normal and sane. And so are you, lil wayne disciple. CONTEXT.

      • Helllllll yeah, Robert Ericsson. That’s exactly what I wrote. That he had to hit the sound guy. You are completely normal and a good reader, Robert Ericsson. Robert Ericcson. Completely normal, and sane, and valid.

        Merry Christmas, you idiot. SENTENCES. (read them before making such stupid statements).

        • But lil wayne disciple, you said “Hellllll yeah … i think … you really … should … hit your soundguy,” in that EXACT order. Wait a second, no you didn’t.

          I think hitting a soundguy is okay only if the soundguy is the lead singer from Disturbed. He’s got to be a soundguy by now, right? ooooooooooooo-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!!

  2. *He still has a right to be OFFENDED. (that’s what I get for eating and typing.)

  3. BREAKING NEWS: tyler just tweeted Whoa, Its Stories On Me Being In Jail? The Fuck? I Wasnt In No Jail Or Arrested Or Nothing.
    So there, he wasn’t in no jail

  4. I’m sorry I know people like to defend tyler the creator (for whatever reason) but the more I hear and see about the guy (regardless of “context”), the more I think he is just an overhyped moron. I know he’s “just a kid” and all (bull shit) but I’m twenty years old and I’m not allowed to assault people, I’m expected to act like an adult and use my words. There is no defending acting like this no matter who you are, especially over your stage show sounding like shit. Guess what, you have a dream world job so get over it. Trust me your problems aren’t that bad Tyler.

  5. “watched the police cart her away”

    Shouldn’t it be “cart him away”?

    NO?! Well, cancel christmas, muthafudgecannon!

  6. I couldn’t care less about the whole situation, but that picture is golden.

  7. I like Odd futures aggression- Sound guys have fucked up a lot of my shows personally- Messing up things as easy as “Hey is this mic on?” So i dont blame Tyler for getting angry with these dudes at the venue- but would I personally destroy their stuff? No. But that’s what odd Futures gimmick is- Aggressive dont give fuck loiter sqaud litter life golf wang wolf gang kill them all- Totally justified, loved it. Im sure he got out pretty quick. Im still wondering when Earl will officially be free.



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