In Memoriam: Band Breakups 2011

In September we toasted the best new bands of 2011. Bright futures for those guys! But come this time of year it’s also important to remember the musical groups who called it a day. Some of these acts were taken from us before their time, while others imploded due to overwhelming apathy. Herewith our look at all of them, good and bad and who?. Thanks again to Matt Neatock for the video production. Please hold your applause until the end.

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  1. Never forget

    • They forgot a lot of bands 2 of them being
      1. The Jimmy Swift Band. who broke up in the spring of 2011.
      2. The New Deal. Who are performing their last handful of shows over the holidays before disbanding.

  2. How many years in a row has Ponytail made this vid?

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    • yeahiknowright? REM? Sonic Youth? The White Stripes? LCD Soundsystem? Who the hell are these clowns?

      • you pretty much named the only ones that matter. the rest are… who?

        • There are a handful I’ve never heard of. And that’s probably what he meant. But, without a little specificity, it sounds a little ridiculous in the context of who is in this video. In other words: someone’s just making a joke, don’t worry about it.

          • Shit, I thought R.E.M. died after Automatic For The People, my bad.

            Sonic Youth was kind of on the downslope following that creative reboot from 2002-2006, I’m more sad that Thurston and Kim divorced. That’s a bummer, man.

            I didn’t see Women in there so that made me really happy.


  5. I’m still existing in a reality where Sonic Youth WILL continue despite Thruston and Kim separating; your video does very little to reassure me of this and so I am closing my ears and singing Teenage Riot as loud as I can from 2.00 to 2.05.

  6. If you could allow yourself to put kinda lackluster emo punk bands like Alexisonfire, The Academy Is… and You Me and Everyone We Know, then you could have certainly at least given credit to one of the bands that made all that possible who called it quits this year (and put out one of their best albums as well): Thursday

    Also, maybe I missed it but no Parts & Labor(?!) yet saying that Sonic Youth is done without confirmation? C’mon… I don’t even know who Oceansize or Stricken City are.

    • Thursday and Parts & Labor are on extended hiatus, you’re right. Sorry, missed those.
      Sometimes it’s difficult to decide who to include since band split statements are so cagey. Wiki seems to think Sonic Youth are done. We’ll see I guess.

    • Oceansize are big in the Prog scene, their side project Kong has become more well known recently though.

  7. LCD Soundsystem :’(

  8. Oh no! Not Tatu!! But aside from REM and Sonic Youth I don’t know the others.

  9. Big lol @ Westlife & Tatu. What about Those Dancing Days?

  10. The Music, remember them? who doesn’t love early aughts NME buzz bands

  11. Even though it was last year, I still mourn the loss of Women.

    How many years do you think it’ll take before everyone realizes the perfection of Public Strain?

    • Everyone’s definition of “break up” seems to be different. I don’t consider WOMEN to be broken up since they never gave the official word and their management insists they’re still together. Scott above is going by what Wiki says about Sonic Youth and calling their time of death before the body has gone cold, yet forgetting Thursday because their statements were “cagey.” (If you read their Twitter however, they’re billing all of their shows as the last ones ever in the respected city they’re in, so to me, they’re done for.) Everyone thinks LCD Soundsystem is broken up just because they played their final live show, but didn’t James Murphy say he was going to continue recording under the name much like Trent Reznor is with NIN? (And last I heard, NIN was going to reemerge in 2012.) Semantics, semantics…

      • For Sonic Youth I was going by Lee’s RS interview and media reaction to that:, he said he was feeling optimistic, but it didn’t really read optimistic (“every band runs its course,” etc).

        Thursday was just an oversight! — I was referring not to them in the previous comment, but other bands I didn’t include (e.g., Broken Social Scene, Grinderman). R.I.P. Thursday.

      • I think JM just said he’d continue to record music, just not as LCD Soundsystem.

    • seriously. Women were such a great band. never got to see them live, but those two records really blew me away. i think i even prefer s/t a little bit to public strain.

  12. I feel like you could’ve easily added Broken Social Scene and Wolf Parade, seeing as they are both going on “extended hiatus”.

  13. Rilo Kiley called it quits.

  14. @Scott I respect how well this site covers metal bands when it chooses too, but I’m confused by the inconsistency in which it does so. This site covers a lot of metal, particularly black metal, but then it always seems absent from articles which are not specifically “metal” articles, like your top 50 most anticipated or videos of bands that broke up.

    Not bashing, just curious, is it just that you cover them because you respect it as a musical genre and think it deserves coverage, or do you just not feel they are as good as these other bands? Once again, just curious.

    • Metal is Tom’s domain, but obviously was a bigger part of our focus when Brandon was part of the team. In a post like this, metal band breakups would totally be appropriate to include, I just wasn’t aware: wanna list some for us?

      • Haunting the Chapel is definately missed. Just a theme I noticed on the site in general, being someone who listens to most genres and but “metal” more than most, I enjoy how this site kind of covers everything as opposed to the Deciblog or Invisible Oranges.

        Xasthur (technically announced last year but I believe were still active into January) and Maruta (grindcore doesn’t seem to be the target demo on this site though) were probably the big two…and Fear Before (the March of Flames) if we are including bands like Alexisonfire.

  15. …and the hipsters wept.


  17. What is the fate of Fucked Up? are they going to continue to record and not tour?

  18. The Streets?

  19. R.I.P. Westlife [solitary tear rolls down cheek]

  20. Well, at least 311 is still putting out hit after hit.

  21. I dont think RX Bandits broke up, they just aren’t touring anymore. (Surely someone else cares about this, yes?)

  22. SNOWMAN!!!!!!

    :( :( :( :(

  23. let us not forget, and in doing so with great regret, the loss of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who have managed as High Fidelity points out so clearly: that it is better to burn out than fade away.

  24. white stripes will be back, sucks the music went away but i’m guessing singer will be back n better in new band…but i’m happy Blur and Pulp should be back soon, and Gaz Coombes’ solo album will be out shortly as well. now if only Pearly Jam would have the cajones to break up…co-dependent bitches.

    • If by the singer, you mean Jack White, and if by other bands you mean, The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, and a collaboration with ICP, then yes…the singer will be back in a new band, better is subjective


  26. What about Grinderman?

  27. You forgot to mention Dear And The Headlights. I was very sad when they said that they were officially breaking up this year. They made such great music & had great live shows.

  28. aw C’MON!!
    no, seriously, where’s C’mon?

  29. All coming to a supermarket near you!!! Get yer autgraphs there!

  30. Didn’t Dananananaykroyd call it quits this year?

  31. Sonic Youth????????????????????????????LCD Soundsystem???? really??? fuck…

  32. Part Chimp is/has called it a day, but I don’t remember if they set the date for this year or early next. Parts & Labor are definitely playing a few shows early next year.

  33. The bands that I miss the most are r.e.m and the white stripes ,

  34. You guys missed Broken Social Scene :´/

  35. with names like Bananakroyd and Gay for Johnny Depp, it’s no wonder they didn’t last

  36. RX Bandits are not breaking up, but they are finished doing tours

  37. Today I found out Pepper Rabbit is breaking up. That’s another band you should add to the list. They made some great music & had a good live show.

  38. 15 years ago this would be sad, but the music scene in obviously no longer band-centric; Jack White is a prime example of pure self-sufficient talent and success. Artists work on “projects” not bands any more. It’s rather refreshing.

  39. grinderman??

  40. Nice to see a lot of those ridiculous bands go away.

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