Patrick Stickles Covers "Video Games"

The latest aboard the “Video Gamescover bandwagon is Titus Andronicus’ now-beardless (!!!) Patrick Stickles, who recorded the cover in his parent’s living room earlier today. Does the fact that it’s not at all punk as fuck — he plays a piano and warbles during his rendition — make it punk as fuck? I forget how this works. Or maybe I never knew? Check out the performance after the jump.

Born To Die is finally out 1/30 on Interscope. She makes here American television debut 1/14 on SNL.

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  1. Wow. What a really brave, powerful, emotional way to unveil he’s had a shave. Paddy 4eva.

  2. that’s nice

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  4. I’ve covered this cover.

  5. i thought he was a better singer than this

    • I give him points for trying, but the voice is too much for me. I love singers with unique voices who may not hit the traditional notes, but it sounds like he has not found his voice yet, particularly live. The yell-singing-talking type thing works okay for them in the studio, though.

      The cover of They Might Be Giants that they did was just as grating because of the vox:,53051/

      • Nah, he kills it live. TA was one of the most exciting live shows I’ve ever seen.

        • No, I agree that they put on an exciting live show (lots of energy), but his ratio of hit-notes to missed-notes while singing live is extraordinarily high. When he’s yelling and running around the stage, the missed notes are something that you accept as a fair trade-off. But on videos like this, where his voice takes center-stage, it’s more difficult to be forgiving.

          His voice reminds me a lot of Desaparecidos-era Conor Oberst. I’m not much of a Bright Eyes fan, but Conor eventually found his quiet voice after years of shaky singing, so I’m hoping for a similar evolution here.

  6. I love TI and they put on a great show, but this is unbearable. Let the downvotes commence.

  7. Patrick is….. HOT???? WHOA!

  8. He should have kept the beard.

  9. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Dec 31st, 2011 0

    If only he hit the right notes…..

  10. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Dec 31st, 2011 0

    But actually it makes perfect sense that this song is covered by so many dudes… given that Lana del Rey basically behaves like a crossdressing guy.

  11. Patrick Stickles? Haven’t watched the video, but in the still at the top of the story I’m pretty sure you accidentally got a picture of John Stamos.

  12. I heard that you like the bad singers….

  13. anyone seeing rivers cuomo here? in him or lana del rey?

  14. At least, it’s partly a Lana post. Where’s Michael_ ?

  15. Which Gallagher is this?

  16. Hey guys, if you get a chance, please have a look at my rendition of Video Games, I’d love to hear what you think! Thank you :)

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