Watch Drake's New Year's Eve Performance In Times Square

On New Year’s Eve, Drake performed a quick medley of a (Nicki-less) “Make Me Proud,” a (Wayne-less) “The Motto” and “Headlines” for New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly all while rocking that $5k Canada Goose jacket we previously made note of. Watch it after the jump.

Later that night, Drake walked out of a ?uestlove DJ set because he allegedly wasn’t playing any hip hop. I’ll leave you to your own musings about what this means about Drake, but ?uestlove didn’t exactly rein in the rap cred by playing the NHL’s Winter Classic the next day.

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  1. I’ll remember Drizzy’s walkout antics the next time I visit his blog and all I see are videos of Beach House or Francis and the Lights.

  2. I’ll take ?uestlove over Drake any day. I loved that The Roots were playing that hockey game.

    • I dont think anyone in the world would really consider them competing artists.

      That’s like saying “Ill take Johnny Cash over Kenny Chesney any day”
      Its not exactly an insightful statement

  3. a simple line graph documenting my love for Drake since the release of “Take Care”.

    The small dip indicates the day “The Motto” video was released. As you can see I am quickly forgiving it.

  4. Really, dude?

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