Joe Flacco

Two days ago, quarterback Joe Flacco led my motherfucking Baltimore Ravens to a crushing, dominant win over the Cincinnati Bengals, capturing the AFC North title in the process and giving me hope that we’ll all be flipping over cars in my hometown in a month or so. I don’t know if he’s a Ravens fan or what, but Harlem Tumblr-rap overlord ASAP Rocky chose that game’s immediate aftermath to release “Pretty Flacko,” a zoned-out new track with seriously woozy production from Spaceghostpurrp. It’s a fitting soundtrack for whatever lingering post-holiday hangover you might still be nourishing, and it’s below.

“Pretty Flacko” could conceivably show up on the forthcoming ASAP Mob crew album, supposedly due in February, but that remains to be seen.

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  1. Go Ravens!!!! And if I may be pedantic, it was definitely Ray Rice who “led” us.

    Anywho the track sounds alright it’s quite germane juxtaposed against all the other songs I’ve heard from him the typical laid back “smoke sumpthin” vibe. I’m on the fence a bit with him overall I mean it’s good he’s found his niche but i think he might be getting a little to comfortable there. The song ultimately gets a “meh” from me, nothing special here just a good beat (as per usual with him).

    Also it’s interesting that when i saw the title i believe the name that popped into my head first was Mos Def as he used to refer to himself as that back when he was the Mos Def I most enjoyed. Never thought of the obvious connection to Mr. Hot n’ Cold Joe until now. Interesting.

  2. Are you by any chance a Terps fan? All that flipping over cars stuff I tend to especially associate with Maryland Terrapins athletics.

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