Way Yes

Back in September, we posted “Automail,” a bubbly track from the Columbus indie-pop trio Way Yes. In March the band will release Walkability, their debut album. And below, we’ve got a track from that album: The effervescent burble “Important.”

Walkability is out 3/27 on Lefse.

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  2. I liked every song of theirs so far but this is a massive disappointment. Really bad production, sounds like a demo.

    • Typical hipster shitbag criticism. “sounds like a demo” when they do it on a budget. “They sold out” if they sign with a major label and use “good production”.

  3. arent there four dudes in this band? there were four dudes in rochester. is he dead?

  4. Awesome!

  5. Important is one of my favorite Way Yes songs, the simplicity is what makes it shine. I can’t wait for Walkability! Bravo, dudes.

  6. Очень понравилось!

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